What is the water mixing ratio for Huel Black?

Short and sweet. For 100g of powder, what is the recommended amount of water to put in?


(I can’t belive how difficult it is to find this online, lol)

I use 550ml of water for every two scoops of powder and it works out to create a slightly silty but very pleasant drink. However I use a blender rather than just shake it. Hope that is of some use.

Recommended amounts are on the back of the packet I believe.

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also in the quick start guides that come with deliveries and in the help sections on the site

A Black Edition serving is 90g (2 scoops). We recommend 510ml water with 2 scoops so for 100g that’s 567ml.

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Thank you!

Hey @Jonkki, out of interest where did you look for this answer? And what were you hoping to find? We’re always looking really carefully at user-experience how we give customers the best experience possible when first starting Huel. It would really help us to know what you wanted to find? :slight_smile:

@Tim_Huel I was hoping to find a clear water-to-huel ratio, say 1:5.67 (like it seems to be based on Dan’s reply).
Reason? I’m pre calculating if my planned daily Huel black intake will fit in 2 Blenderbottle pro 45’s (It’ll be tight, for sure).

Edit: where did I look for the information? Well, some Youtube videos and eu.huel.com product pages mostly. I dislike the use of “scoops” as a measurement if it’s not clearly specified how much one scoop is. Also, 90g serving makes it a bit annoying too :).

And while I have you… why not have the nutrition values per 100g as well? Per serving is probably not that useful for majority of Huel users. I had to calculate that 100g of powder amounts to 444kcal. image

Hmm ok, what I would say is that most people do not think in ratios. We did used to give a ratio of water to Huel (1:5 it was at the time, but we’ve changed the recommended amount based on new formulations). This was quite confusing for a number of reasons, I think often because many did not know how to use ratios, and didn’t know 1 millilitre of water = 1 gram.

What we do offer though, as dan has said, is the perfect preparation instructions (90g/510ml), which you can work out a ratio from. We think most new Hueligans who make Black Edition to these instructions will have a good experience and can then adjust to their preference afterwards.

This is all really useful feedback though, because this information is linked on the v3.0 product page but not the Black Edition page.

This guide then gives you a bunch of info on how to make, along with this chart. Is this what you would have found useful here for using Black Edition? Or is it still not enough?

I guess I would throw that back at you! Why would we also have 100g, since that’s quite a random amount of calories. We’ve got calories per serving size (400kcal), then per 2000kcal (which is the level Huel is nutritionally complete at).

This is great info, so thanks for taking the time to share!

It’s a random amount of calories, but it’s a very useful amount of grams because it’s easy to do mental arithmetic with, in seconds. If I know the “per 100g” value of something, I can easily work out the “per 150g” or “per 300g”. “Per 1g” is useful too but more susceptible to rounding errors.

It’s also useful for comparing like with like, so comparing Huel to rivals.

Thanks David, good point. I guess this then comes down to space on the back of the pouch on the label, it’s what is written on the pouch which drives what information ends up on site. Thanks!

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I don’t know how nutrition labels usually look in UK, but in Finland every package lists per 100g nutritional information, and that really is the most sensical IMO. Per serving is not a bad idea, but I definitely value 100g above that. Anywhom, that was easy enough to figure out myself, the ratio was the most difficult one to find.

Would have definitely been useful, with values adjusted for Black.

A little bit of OT: I have not tried Black before, and I actually gave up on regular Huel over a year ago. I just couldn’t live a day with that, without getting cravings or feeling hungry. I target 1700kcal per day (~ 500 deficit). I’m now going to test if Black works better for me, since it has more protein and it isn’t “oaty”. Question: I’m not a body builder or a sportsman, is Black too protein-rich for me? Was my reasoning to go with that, faulty? I weigh 115kg.

Can’t tell you directly regarding your own personal dietary requirements, however I lost a decent chunk of fat (about 3 and a half stone in overall weight loss so random guess would be about 2 and a bit stone of fat) using just Huel Black Edition.

Working out quiet intensively I add protein to my Huel Black. I’m not quite sure which part of it works so well, but I’ve found it to be extremely satiating, even before I was adding protein.

Completer anecdotal of course, if you want proper advice then obviously worth speaking to a professional dietician or nutritionist who can assess things specifically for you but for what it’s worth, I hope my experience of Black Edition can help you.

the Pro 45 can comfortably take 1100ml and still be below the lip/thread area - keep in mind that the level will also drop during the day as more fluid is absorbed by the powder. you can play around with the amounts of fluids/powders to get your 2000 cal nutritional requirement in those two.

Much as I love my BlenderBottles - the Pro45’s are HUGE and you need some significant refrigerator space to keep them upright in so I usually use their smaller siblings :slight_smile:

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Uh, okay then. The bag lists everything per 100g. I’m really confused by your logic to not have the same list on the website and the package.

OK that’s great to know, I’ll make the suggestion.

I’m totally seeing why 100g is useful after what David said as I hadn’t considered that. Thanks for the picture, I didn’t realise you were a European customer, we have different pouch labels compared to UK. I’m not 100% sure of the reason for the difference between site and label in the EU. My first thought is that labelling laws dictate it must have 100g amounts in EU labelling, but UK says it must have per serving. However, I will find out! Thanks again for raising.

By the way, are you all good making Huel at the moment? You’ve got the ratio with Dan, how is that mix going for you?

I just got the delivery today, so I haven’t tried yet :). I’ll try on Sunday, probably.

Both UK and EU require that the nutritionals per 100g is present on the label, it’s a legal requirement.

The reason the website is different is because in ideal world we’d show it per serving/400kcal on the label, but it takes up too much space and isn’t a legal requirement. We also show per 2000kcal on site because this what Huel products are nutritionally complete at.

It’s personal preference and dependant on your goals. Black Edition requires more protein than you need for muscle building/maintenence. However, it may be more suitable for you from a satiety aspect (how full you feel).


@ Dan:
If you recommend 567ml for 400 kcal (2 scoops) of powder then your total recommendation would be 2.835 liters for 2000 kcal? Taking into account that these liquids don’t count as fluids the total uptake would be about 5 liters per day - much more than with a “conventional” diet.
On what grounds do you recommend this? Do you have any data or literature on that topic?

It’s not a recommendation based on nutrition. It’s based on texture and mixability, which of course you can add more or less water to suit your preferences.

So your recommendations are not based on the assumption that someone is on a 100% Huel diet?