What is the water mixing ratio for Huel Black?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean, could you explain a bit more please? There are no recommendations for the intake of water from foods, from drinks it is 1.2 litres. However, water from foods is used by the body and can contribute to hydration.

I thought the recommendation was 2 liters? The problem I have is that I still need to figure out the right amount of fluid that one should have per day. Combining Huel with “normal” drinks amounts to a lot of fluid if you have as much water as is usually recommended.

As I understood it you recommend 500ml of liquid for preparing the equivalent of a 400 kcal shake. That can easily lead to a fluid overload if someone drinks a lot additionally. So either one has to reduce the drinking amount or use less water per scoop for Huel than what you recommend.

Or did I get anything wrong?

shouldn’t get too worked up in it. Most food is high in water content. Even dried fruit is about 20%, though necking a bowl of raisins when you are thirsty probably won’t do the trick

That’s the recommendation in the US.

I wouldn’t worry. A good guide is urine should be a pale yellow colour, the amount of fluids to achieve that will vary from person-to-person.

Thanks for the advice. Maybe I am really worrying too much. I just always feel that I get too much fluid, my bladder’s full again after too short intervals. But it does not feel to me as if I drank too much. Something may be wrong with my thirst. Or I take all those recommendations about drinking more and those articles writing that not drinking enough water was the main culprit for almost all health problems too serious. I have no natural feeling for how much water/drinks are good or appropriate. So I wondered whether this might be better controllable by using less water for the Huel shakes.