Eating Huel instead of drinking?

Long story short I tried Huel for the first time today and found it very difficult to drink, the taste is fine it’s the consistency that gets me, I can’t describe it but every time I take a mouthful of Huel I find myself grabbing at water to get rid of the feel in my mouth. I tried going from 5 to 8 parts water and that didn’t seem to help at all, it just meant I had even more to consume which dragged out the process. I’m very sensitive to things in my mouth (I can’t eat spicy food) so I imagine this is a problem probably not many people have.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if I ate it instead? If I mixed it with 1 part water and spooned it into my mouth as a sort-of paste and swallowed it before I had time to think about it would that work? Shovel it straight down my gullet like a human-penguin hybrid? Does anyone do this? The documentation talks about 5 parts water and adding more, is going in the opposite direction okay? Any consequence I should be aware of? Has anyone tried this? Could I freeze it and turn it into an icecream type food stuff? I guess what I’m asking is for someone to tell me everything is going to be okay before I try it because I’m scared it’ll be an even worse feeling than the drink version.

[edit: I did 30 seconds in a blender and then consumed a few minutes later, does leaving it to stand or putting it in the fridge or… something else impact the consistency in any meaningful way?]


There wouldn’t be any harm in it but I’d imagine if you struggle to drink it, then you’d struggle even more with eating it. Maybe worth a go though. Obviously just make sure you’re drinking enough fluid as well though otherwise you’re mouth will be very dry.

I prefer my Huel thicker (add less fluid) rather than thinner due to the preferring the consistency and extra flavour it provides per mouthful, so it might make it bearable for you too. I’d make sure it was properly blended up in a blender though as with more powder to water there will be more lumps.

You could try adding milk to it too, which makes it much creamier (consistency is different) and slightly tastier (I quite like it already though).

The icecream idea is interesting but could be a bit of a novelty, more than a practical solution. I’d say it’s worth a shot trying to make it, I can’t foresee any issues with it but maybe someone has more technical advice on the matter.
Definitely interested to see how it turns out :slightly_smiling:

I would say it would be fine to have it in a thick consistency.

However, if you were to freeze it into ice cream, there are two things you would need to consider:

  1. You would need an ice cream making machine, rather than just freezing is straight, so that it would have the softness of ice cream rather than just being like ice.

  2. You would need to sweeten it some more, because making things very cold tends to dull the taste of them. That’s why beer and orange juice taste better cold, because it makes them taste milder.

I like my huel thick like a milkshake too. However I was finding I would get a strong aftertaste that would hang around, it was sort of metallic. After a bit of reading, I think it was the sweetener causing it. So now I mix 2 parts unflavoured huel with 1 part normal huel and I don’t get that aftertaste any more.

This thread inspired me though. I might try making some huel and banana pancakes this weekend and see how it goes.

There are some porridge recipes on the form I tried 1 scoop of quick oats and two scoops unflavored Huel . Favored with cinnamon powder. Added about 2 to 1 water and microwave for about 2 minutes. I need to experiment more to get the water amount right. It made a very dense but good tasting porridge. I haven’t tried without the oats. I think it needs the starch to bind ir.

bake some cookies