Can you strain Huel?

I’m new to huel after my boyfriend order some for us to try (new healthy lifestyle and all that). However I find the texture off-putting and feel sick after one sip. I use a blender to mix our meals, I’ve tried leaving it overnight in the fridge, I have mocha to flavour, but I still find it hard to drink.

I was wondering if I was able to sieve the mixture or would this take out some of the nutritious value of the product? I really want to be able to continue with Huel because I think it’s fantastic but the taste/texture is my only barrier :cry:

Also, has anyone tried it with hot water? Or is this a silly idea? :laughing:

If you seive Huel, you’ll be missing out on a good chunk of the nutrition. Have you tried mixing Huel with more water?

Have you tried the unflavoured/unsweetened version?

Some people have tried it with hot water and made a porridge.

I would first add more water, the more you dilute Huel the thinner and less texture it has. I prefer a thick texture but I understand some people don’t. Also if you add a few ice cubes it changes it too.

@JamesCollier yeah that’s what I thought. I will try more water next time. I haven’t tried the unflavoured version yet as have just received this order. It might be a thought to offer a trial box of, say, a days worth of huel at a reduced price.

@Julian I’ve heard a lot about the ice cubes, will add them now!

Thank you both :smile:

We do offer samples:

We have unflavoured samples coming soon