Huel Texture


New here and to Huel. We (myself and my husband) recently ordered the Huel Powder and looking to get some advice.

We’ve not had any issue with the taste of Huel at all but we have been struggling a little with the texture of it.

We’ve both found it to be almost quite ‘flour-y’ when drinking it, leaving a lot of residue behind in your mouth.

We have tried blending it and I’ve tried some ice and leaving it overnight in the fridge. But so far nothing has helped and just looking to see if there are any tips etc to help with the texture?

if you’ve tried leaving it standing in the fridge already, then all of the powder will have been absorbed. Other things you can try is substituting some of the water with whatever milk you prefer to make it creamier or, if you are using the blender, mix in some frozen fruits for example.

Add more water, shake for longer or both.

The flouryness is probably more likely the taste. I honestly think you will get used to it, but tweaking the flavours you add will help. Which flavour are you having right now? Salted or Coffee Caramel I think are delicious, Banana too. But adding berries, honey, peanut butter, coffee are all delicious (not all together of course!)

If you tried all those things I’m not sure you’re going to be able to change the texture much more. But working on the taste I think is your best option.

What ratio Huel to water are you using? I’ve never had a floury texture with Huel but I see what you mean as I used to get it with some protein powders. Maybe it’s is because if them that Huel to me has a great texture.

This is gonna sound like a bit of a cop out answer, but if you’re anything like me you’ll just get used to it. I used to mess about adding various fruits and stuff to the Huel which can help a bit, but these days I value the convenience over the taste. I went from an incredibly rich creamy/meaty diet to 30-60% Huel per day and it took my taste buds a little to recalibrate to not expect the intense flavours that come from Chicken Tikkas and Chinese takeaway.


I agree with this. I added loads of things to huel when I first started, but over time I just got to like the flavour and texture as it is. I think adding different things is a really good idea when you’re first getting used to it- it can be a pretty big jump from eating processed food straight to huel. But tastebuds are pretty easy to change so I think the best advice is to be persistent with it.

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