How to get rid of the graininess?

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I’ve just started using Huel (mostly to replace a lunchtime meal), and whilst I really love the flavours (I’ve chosen Classic and New Vanilla), I’m really struggling with the graininess. I just can’t seem to get rid of the grittiness. I’m using a blender. So far, I’ve just been using 3 scoops of Huel with 1/2 and 1/2 water and oat milk. Any tips on how to get rid of the grainy feeling?



Hey there, sorry you’re not enjoying the graininess. We can absolutely solve this and the best way to do so is putting your Huel in the fridge, even for a few hours is good but over night is best.

We do like the graininess though as we feel it reiterates the natural ingredients in Huel, it comes from the ground flaxseed. Let us know if the hack helps!

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@larennaise my nutri bullet fixed this for me, it has also made the taste a lot better, as it blends more evenly. I’ve found the berry flavour to be much lighter than the rest too

Adding a banana in the blend improves the texture. Adding a frozen banana improves it even more, making it creamy smooth!

I second the nutribullet. I add ice in the mornings also but am gonna try the fridge trick. Defo splash on a nuribullet if you can; or maybe longer in your own blender!

I leave overnight to soak and have actually stopped blending to save on washing up and because I can’t tell that much difference.

I actually like chewing on the slightly lumpy bits!

When I have had protein powders in the past, the chewy bits were horrible, but with Huel, they are like a cheeky nugget of goodness you discover :slight_smile:


Tbh neither can I. I experimented with both when I started Huel and couldn’t really tell them apart and blending adds more hassle into the equation.

An overnight soak in the fridge makes it smoother but it still won’t be like a smoothie.

I also prefer it non-blended, although recent revisions are less noticeable than earlier ones which did have more of a tendency to be lumpy. [But I liked the lumps as CGB said above.]