Huel Black Edition for sale

I purchased two sacks of Huel Black Edition but it is unfortunately not for me - I have taken two scoops out of each of the bags - would anyone UK based like to purchase them off me??

Hey Alice, sorry to hear you’re not getting along with Black Edition, what is it specifically you aren’t getting along with? We’d love to help out :blush:

Thanks so much for your reply - I just find that the consistency is too grainy for my liking. Do you recommend adding it to anything other than water? Thank you

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Definitely. Try blending your Huel. Or you can put your Huel, once it’s made, in the fridge. Even a few hours in the fridge can really smoothen it out, but overnight is best to reduce any graininess. Leaving it overnight makes it smoother as it gives the powder longer to dissolve fully and any insoluble matter (e.g. flaxseeds) will soften due to being soaked for a longer time, giving the impression of being less grainy (more smooth).

Make sure you’re shaking hard and adding your liquid to your shaker first, then your Huel. This will prevent any lumps. Milk will make your Huel creamier and more luxurious, but not sure it will change the graininess you’re experiencing.

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