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Hi, I’ve got 3 flavours of v3.0 and black edition. Every time I’ve mixed them, in the provided bottle, I’ve been careful to follow the instructions, but I still end up with lumps of powder. A few times, this is even after taking the mixed drink to work and re-shaking it before drinking, maybe an hour later. Is there a way of avoiding the lumps? The flavours are quite sweet, has anyone added something to calm this down a bit? I can’t help thinking that, although the provided bottle is okay at the moment, the plastic wont last long, is there a stronger bottle available? Thanks for any advice

There are literally dozens and dozens of threads on suggestions for this so you will find many ideas and recurring themes on how to improve things – short answer, if you don’t have access to a blender, try adding a mixing ball into the shaker and/or use the ice guard.

The shakers are made from Tritan – one of the strongest consumer plastics there is.

Hey @Spyder01! Welcome to the forum! Sorry that you’re not able to get that super smooth Huel you’re wanting. It could be a number of things:

  • not shaking hard enough - you do need to give it some oomph!
  • Huel does have a slightly grain to it, due to some of the (super nutritious) ingredients! Flaxseed for example. Are they lumps or more just a general grain?

The quickest, easiest answer is to blend it. But I appreciate that’s a pain to wash up. The other solutions are to pop it in the fridge, ideally overnight.

I find chilling it will reduce the sweetness a little bit, but the best thing would be to get some Unflavoured/Unsweetened and do it 50:50

Let us know if your bottle breaks, but I think it should do the trick!

Hope some of that helps!

Thanks for the reply. It says somewhere on your website to only keep blended for an hour or so before drinking, yet you’re suggesting overnight. I don’t really want to drink it that cold during the winter, maybe in the summer. No, it’s not the grainy texture, which I quite like, but lumps of unmixed powder. Are you saying there are unsweetened/unflavoured versions? Could you send me a link to these please?

If you keep it out of the fridge, refrigerated it’s fine for 24 hours :slight_smile:

Then I think blending is the right option for you. There are some good cheap blenders like the breville range many here use!

Yes there are Unflavoured & Unsweetened versions of v3.0, Black Edition and Complete Protein. Just scroll down on the product pages.

Huel Powdered Food - Fast food, not junk food and Huel Black Edition - Nutritionally Complete Powdered Food

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