Mixing & Texture

So I’m new to Huel and our first order arrived last week. I have since made 1 attempt of Berry and just tried Mint Chocolate. Enjoyed both, preferred the Mint Chocolate. I made the Berry with cold tap water and the Mint Chocolate with fridge Lactofree milk. Only thing is, they both had a powdery texture to them despite being thoroughly shaken. Is there anything anyone can recommend? I put liquid in first then the powder as in my other post that I put up before I placed my Huel order, someone said that this is better than putting powder in first then pouring liquid in. I like the flavour, just wish the texture was smooth. I’ll probably also try the bars and rice meals at some point so if anyone recommends any in particular let me know :slight_smile:


Hey Emma, welcome to Huel! I haven’t had Mint-Chocolate in aaaages. I’m going to have to find a pouch!

The powdery texture is likely to do with the plant-protein. Have you ever had plant-protein before - particularly pea or rice protein? They do have a slight chalkiness which might be what you’re referring to and if you aren’t used to that then it might be quite noticeable.

Otherwise, adding milk is good. Have you blended it yet? That will definitely help. Chilling Huel too, ideally in the fridge (few hours or overnight), really helps smoothen it out!

I hope that helps!

As in, in a blender machine? Would it be the same mixing format but I blend instead of shaking? As for chilling, you mean mix it normally then leave the bottle in the fridge? I assume doing this lets it settle? Maybe a bit strange but is it okay to freeze?

I’ve often frozen Huel if I haven’t drunk it within a day. It’s always been fine.

With regards to refrigeration, I think the main benefit is that it mellows the taste of artificial sweeteners that I find more to the fore if shaking and drinking straight away. Doesn’t matter whether sucralose or Stevia both can be slightly bitter to me straight after mixing

Yes, just ad the same amount of water and Huel to a blender instead of shaking it. I don’t do this personally and find shaking gives it the texture and consistency I like, but many blend it!

Leaving it in the fridge might mean you need to give it another shake before consuming, but it won’t separate. It does thicken it a little too, so I just add a splash more water through the spout in the morning and reshake.