Hit a bit of a problem

Okay so, being from Northern Ireland, I have finally got my Huel a few days after I purchased. I am now on day 3 of replacing one meal with Huel.

The problem is that I cannot stomach it with water. I’ve tried different amounts of water, blending and adding flavours but the texture and consistency is unbearable to me. Not saying that it’s a bad texture or product; I just can’t tolerate it in its current form.

Therefore, I tried using semi-skimmed milk instead which vastly improved to consistency and texture. It was far smoother but without the watery taste making it odd. And with the chocolate flavour booster it tasted nearly exactly like a milkshake but just with an oaty afterstaste which I didn’t mind.

Due to my using Huel to lose weight, shouldn’t I just add the calories of the amount of milk I’m using with the Huel? I’m planning on doing 100% Huel every other week and on the week that I’m not 100% it’ll be 50-75%.

After I hit my target weight, I’m planning on using Huel to maintain my ideal weight.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried skimmed milk? Same goodness in it but less fat and therefore calories. It gives the same creamy texture and is just as yummy as skimmed.

Wait till you try a whole milk Huel…

I tried skimmed milk which was tolerable but I preferred the semi-skimmed. It would roughly be an extra 70 calories per meal which I would factor in. Or I could try mixing half semi-skimmed and half skimmed.

If you can find it, Arlas Best of Both is skimmed, but tastes like semi skimmed, and may work for you.

to be honest skimmed milk is nowhere near as low in calories as I assumed it would be anyway - it’s about 70% as calorific as semi skimmed, because it’s pretty much fat free, but still has the sugars and protein.

Personally I would rather water down my semi-skimmed milk to 7 parts milk:3 parts water rather than use skimmed.

In fact semi skimmed (according to MyFitnessPal at least) has pretty much the same ratio of calories from each macro (42% carbs, 29% fat, 29% protein) as Huel (39% carbs, 31% fat, 30% protein). So while I’m probably being a little bit simplistic here, semi-skimmed might actually be better if you’re more conscious of that sort of thing - and you can always water it down to get less calories (personally I normally only use 200ml of milk, and top up the rest with water)

(disclaimer - I’m not a nutrionist or remotely experienced as such, and clearly I’m biased against skimmed milk anyway :p)

One thing to try if you have it in NI and don’t mind the taste is unsweetened almond milk, its fairly thick in texuture and as long as the unsweetened version is 13 calories per 100ml (vs approx 35 per 100ml of skimmed milk) However it doest have slightly more fat content then skimmed milk.

I use this often for a similar reason water alone is a bit like drinking whey protein.

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I’m can’t eat nuts unfortunately otherwise I’m sure almond milk would be a good alternative