Huel and Brain Fog and Lethargy?

I tried Huel a while back but due to bad gas had to stop.

I’m thinking of trying it again as maybe something has changed in my gut so i am trying to convince myself to part with £45 for an order.

I generally feel like sh*t most days. I’m tired, lazy, lethargic, sleepy, brain fogged etc and although I don’t get that much sleep or exercise, I can’t help think my diet could be playing a part.

When I last took Huel I don’t remember any mental improvements.

Would you say Huel improved that side of your life?

I do eat vegetables at least once most days but I eat a lot of bread and low quality carbs too. Could this be to blame?



I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Your diet is your source of energy (i.e bad diet = bad energy (in the simplest of terms)). How come you only have vegetables once a day? do you not like them?? Before huel (i only started today) I would try to eat clean wholefoods monday to friday with at least 75% being from vegetables and then have a few naughty treats at the weekend and I always felt better during the week energy-wise despite less sleep. I would guess that the gas last time was your body adjusting to all the protein :wink: .

Goodluck and let me know how it goes :blush:

Well dinner is normally my main meal of the day and I’ll have steamed veg then. Don’t really have them for lunch. Should probably look at that!

Yes, I think it was the protein. Or the extra fibre…who knows!

Although I tried the Whole Fuel from MyProtein recently and didn’t have any problems.