Does Huel make you tired?

Only 2 scoops??? That’s hardly anything! I can easily get through 9 scoops before midday!

2 scoops of Huel definitely wouldn’t keep me going for 4 hours.

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Huel shouldn’t make you tired, a lack of calories will.

Make sure you are consuming the right amount -

I have very similar problems to MiNK and although Huel shouldn’t make me feel tired it does which is very frustrating and I am sure it is not related to the number of calories. It certainly seems related to digestion.

I’ve started adding a bit of Agave to my Huel which seems to negate the sleepiness I get usually without providing a sugar rush/crash. It’s not ideal, because I’d prefer to have less sugar in my diet, but otherwise I can’t function after eating/drinking Huel!

p.s. the Huel bars don’t seem to have quite the same effect. Maybe because they are higher in sugar than liquid Huel, or because their formulation is different in some other way.

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I have the same problem with Huel, feeling really tired…and noticed a bit more than usual bloating as well. I consume the gluten free version, even though I have no allergies or medical conditions.

This is a bit frustrating. I’m trying to argue for why I like Huel, but at the same time I’m having second doubts that my lack of energy is caused by Huel. And please no “it is better than the average meal” comments, because the average meal (depending on where you live) is garbage and not a standard worth measuring against.


The post huel sleepiness sorted itself out by limiting myself to two and half scoops per meal. So it was more to do with my own slow digestion. Happy to be hueling again.

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Having the same isses, going to try that as well, but I’m afraid of loosing weight or not getting enough energy…

I have also been adding a tbsp of pulsin pea protein

Adding a tiny bit of protein won’t really be doing anything to be honest.

I too get tired after Huel… No idea what’s causing it though.

My guess (and this is just an uneducated guess), is that the Huel team put a lot of focus into combining the necessary and best ingredients needed for a healthy diet, but didn’t invest enough time to look into the digestive complications that Huel might cause, for some users…
I fear that this is even worse for the Huel Bar, which for me can sometimes cause slight constipation.

A good healthy gut requires a healthy gut flora. A common tip to maintain a healthy gut, is to make sure you get some fermented ingredients in your meals. Is anything like that in Huel?

Personally I’ve found good benefits in supplementing my Huel with sources of probiotics and prebiotics, which has helped me with the fatigue (and sometimes farting) issues (similar to what others have described on this forum) – though the effect isn’t immediate, it has definitely helped.

I wish that for the next versions of Huel, that the Huel team would pay more attention to gut health and digestion + do more to address the issue with tiredness after eating, an experience that multiple people raised concerns about.

(This is of course just my opinion)

Might be because there is a lot of protein which is genrally difficult to digest? Too much protein can also cause flatulance, do you also have this kind of problems? And also having similar problems when trying other similar products?

I found that increasing my water intake made a big difference to smoothing out my fussy bowel. Sometimes I forget to drink 2/3 pints in the morning and get blocked up the next day.

Does anyone know how much sunflower is in Huel?

I get tired too after drinking Huel and looking at the ingredients, I know I was told I have a sunflower intolerance from a test I had done years ago, so am wondering if that’s causing it? Unless the amount used is minute?

I think it’s the lack of sugar.

I used to be terrible and order a latte with 1 sugar in and then have a croissant with cheese and mushrooms or eggs on toast from the coffee shop (so prob tons of butter). I always felt super energetic and awake but was obviously piling weight on.

2 weeks on huel, I feel constantly exhausted. I really think it’s the lack of sugar I’m taking in these days and my body isn’t adapting quickly.

I’m really struggling with tiredness too. I have had a sleep of about an hour at about 6.30 every day I’ve been on huel. I literally can’t stay awake any longer. On the plus side I’ve been then awake until midnight and slept till 8 so I’m getting tons of sleep, but I can barely drag myself out of bed. I feel exhausted all day and am doing less exercise now as I’m too tired!

A couple of things I’ll add.

Firstly, I’m reducing my Huel portions to see how I feel. I was having 125g Huel with 600ml of water or so, and it was within an hour or two of this I’d be yawning away and feeling drowsy. Thinking it might be carb related, I’ve now reduced my portion to 75g Huel with 25g of vegan protein powder, which gives a total serving of 31g carbs, 11g fat and 41g protein. I’ll try this for the next week and see how I feel.

Secondly, I’ve booked a doctor’s appointment for a blood test to make sure I’m not low in iron etc.

Reasons to be tired:

If you have a celiac disease: even a small contamination of gluten will make you tired.

If you eat too little of it.

If you drank it fast: we are always sleepy digesting, but often we are still at the table when this starts happening. Huel is eaten/drank in minutes, this could cause a minor low… though, being liquid and easily digested, this should be a minor sleepiness or absent at all.

Dehydration: oaths absorb water, try to put more water in your shake.

Still having huel issues. I just feel wiped out after eating it. Really, really tired, sometimes actually sleeping. This feeling goes if I eat a load more stuff, but now I’m putting in weight because I’m having huel and then also food on top. I’m on the verge of giving up but I don’t want to as it’s so convenient and I love knowing I’m getting all I need because I’m a lazy vegan. It would be perfect for me if it just didn’t send me to sleep all the time. I’ve read all the threads, tried two scoops with more water, tried agave. Not tried gluten free because I don’t think I have coeliac disease. This seems to be a common problem with a lot of people. Help!!!

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Katy, could you be carb sensitive? I wonder if I am, as after a big meal involving carbs I feel very sleepy. I thought this was just down to the blood going to my stomach to help digest the food resulting in tiredness, but it could be that I’m sensitive to the carbs as if I have a big meal involving fish and salad for example, it doesn’t happen.

How much Huel are you using in each shake? Have you tried sipping on it over a longer period, or maybe splitting a shake into 2 smaller ones and drinking them apart?

I’m having a mix of Huel, vegan protein powder and desiccated coconut which results in 23g of carbs per shake, whereas before I was having 47g of carbs per shake, being drunk over a 5 minute period.

Thanks for replying Dan. I’m having 2.5 scoops plus a banana in with nearly a litre of water. I’m probably drinking it too quickly so I’ll try sipping. I have felt tired before after eating bread, but nothing like this. I’ll try the protein powder and coconut. I really don’t want to give up huel as in so many other ways it suits me perfectly.