Does Huel make you tired?


I’m guessing 2.5 scoops results in around 36g of carbs, plus maybe 28g of carbs in the banana depending on if it’s a medium to large sized one. Both Huel and bananas are low-GI I think so you’re getting 64g of carbs in one go which is way more than I was having in a shake. I don’t know though if in the grand scheme of things, this is considered a lot for a meal?

I’ll be experimenting with having more healthy fats in my diet and less carbs to meet my targets (as I go to the gym so am currently eating over my calories in order to build muscle). It’s been suggested on here about adding light olive oil for fat to a shake as it’s not strong tasting, so I might alternate that with the desiccated coconut. I’d like to add peanut butter which will give fat and protein but I don’t think it will mix very well unless using a blender.


First week on Huel. 3 scoops + water at 7pm. By midnight I’m out of the game!
Very heavy sleep and feel really slow and weird in the mornings!

Previous to Huel I have had spells of eating 2 loaves a day, a million sweet chocolate things, a vegan diet, a very healthy diet, a greasy diet + alcohol. I have eaten and worked at all kinds of times of day and night… with no ill effects (to speak of).
The only thing that makes me as tired as since I started with Huel is when I have been awake for 48hrs! … or Jet lag!
…That’s it!!!..feels like severe Jet Lag!

I hope the bloke getting £35000 a year for being a Huel Guinea pig is providing evidence of this!!

Apart from that I like the taste and like the fact that I don’t feel hungry after my Huel. No real cravings yet either!


For me, Huel seems to give me a slight dizziness and fatigue too after a few days of consumption which makes it not worth using it. It’s not a major fatigue, but enough to make it noticeably harder to be productive at work and socialize with people. This always disappears after approx 24 hours of only eating regular food, and comes back after 24-48 days of starting consuming Huel again.

I have no food sensitivities or allergies and I’ve eaten large amounts of gluten all my life. It doesn’t seem to be due to a calorie deficit either, as I’ve consumed more than 3000 kcal a day in order to gain muscle weight, which I’ve succeeded with.

I’ve had similar reactions before to iron supplementation, which theoretically could be due to increased oxidative stress. Huel contains more iron than necessary and a fairly large dose of vitamin c which increases iron absorption. Maybe that’s what’s causing my and other people’s fatigue?


I’m starting to wonder whether it’s the sucralose, which is why I am getting slight headaches too.


I can report I’m feeling less tired now I’m putting less in each Huel shake.

I had been using 100 or 125g of Huel per shake. I’m now putting in 45g of Huel along with either 15g of desiccated coconut and 40g of vegan protein powder, or with 25g of almond butter (with no palm oil!) and 30g of vegan protein powder.


I think I’ve cracked it! I’m having two shakes a day with one scoop each and a banana for flavour. Then a normal meal in the evening. I’m not tired in the day and am still having an unbroken night’s sleep which is s major plus as I suffered from insomnia before. I’m using an app to track and still am getting enough protein and all the nutrients I need. Hurrah!


This has been a problem for me as well, I get so tired to the point that I can barely function.
I found a cure for this problem though, it may sound counter productive but I mix a tea spoon of sugar with 500ml of water and drink it once I get so tired I need a kick up the arse, (not with huel but between shakes) The boost this gives me is crazy, so crazy to the point I want to keep doing it but I limit having this to 2-3 times per day and will gradually reduce this.
I went from high sugar diet to 2-3 teaspoons per day so can’t be harmful, but definitely worth the boost it gives.


You’ve most likely got this covered but make sure you are looking at the calories. Huel tends to make you feel fuller with fewer calories so you can end up consuming fewer calories and feeling more tierd as a result.


It could be that using huel cotrols your diet as a factor for the issue and therefore rules it out. You could have a deeper health issue like diabetes, low thyroid, narcolepsy, adhd, anemia etc. Track your symptoms and speak to your GP.


I’ve been getting that too, was looking up sucralose online and it didn’t sound too good to be honest. I think I’m going to buy the unsweetened heul next time and just add either sugar or honey and see if I feel less fatigued with less headaches