Weight loss starts now


Weighed in this morning at 14 stone 9 , delighted with that.

As I said today is my wife’s Birthday, sounds as if she wants to go Chinese :frowning:

Good job Ivery had a pretty good week. Sunday will be rubbish but going to try and keep the rest of the weekend pretty good.

I’ll update food diary later, so far it has been just 2 x 100g Huel.


Change of plan for the dining options, we’re now going to a new local ‘gastropub’ hopefully be able to choose a more sensible food choice.


And a sneaky pint :pray:t4:


Had a glass of wine with my steak that was all, no pudding either!!

Tomorrow I’ll pop the pub after work but will only have 2 beers.

As I said before , Sunday is gonna be a train wreck diet wise :frowning:


I think you have to be realistic and still have splurges. I have a wedding reception Saturday and all nighter Super Bowl event Sunday. If we just locked ourselves away drinking Huel we would go mad :confounded:

I will Huel most of the weekend and accept the alocohol will impact my Monday weekly weigh in but will be a happy man :innocent:


Superbowl event for me too, starting at 4pm for Man Utd Vs Leicester game.

Will go for a good walk Sunday morning, around 4miles and Huel for Breakfast and Lunch , with Nandos booked in between football and Superbowl.


Today has been…
Breakfast 100g Huel
Lunch 100g Huel
Dinner Chicken with lemon sauce and Bubble and squeak with cheese cake.

Snack 5 x Coors Light :frowning:

According to MFP food on 2580 Calories, yet with my 8,000 steps I’m apparently still in negative calories of 800… not so sure .


Saturday 4th February

Breakfast Half of 100g Huel.

Lunch Sausage , bacon egg and mushroom baguette

Dinner, Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread

Snack 2 x Coors Light


Sunday 5th February

Weighed in at 14 stone 9.

Today will be good until around 4pm…
The plan is…

Breakfast Huel

Lunch Huel

Dinner Nandos

Lots of beer in till early hours due to watching the Superbowl


So, had 100g for Breakfast.

Went on a walk with my wife which was 5.5miles.

Had left over Spag Bol for lunch (only a small amoint)

Off out shortly to ruin it all!!

Have a great Sunday everyone.


So as predicted yesterday afternoon /evening.

I’ve done a rough (high) guesstimate on MFP which came out at 4300 calories!!!

Strangely when I weighed this morning I was 14stone 7, guess this could be due to being dehydrated following the alcohol yesterday

Will have another weigh in tomorrow.


Weigh in day tomorrow, I’d be happy with any loss following a poor Sunday, and a up and down week with one poor lunch Chicken mayo salad bagguette and crisps, and lazy dinners , Pizza one night and chips and cod another.

I’m going to skip my Friday afternoon beers tomorrow and try and squeeze more Huel in over weekend


Friday 10th Feb

Just weighed in 14 stone 8.

As above happy that there wasn’t a gain really, as the past week hasn’t been great.

Now to try and be good over the weekend, there won’t be much alcohol which is good, I’ll weigh in Monday.

Going to go hard on it this next week, would love to make it 6lb off in 4 weeks !


My big piece of advice for stopping alcohol would be to find a better way to occupy the time.

I used to have a big drinking habit; I escaped that habit by spending more time exercising/pursuing a sports related goal.

I’d be so tired in the evening from training that I wouldn’t feel like alcohol, I’d just want to relax. My body would feel too fatigued to drink alcohol.

Also; I discovered boredom is a trigger for me to indulge in unhealthy habits (alcohol, marijuana, bad food) just so that I could be doing something rather than be feeling bored. Alcohol makes the boring times seem more tolerable and pass a bit faster.

Also; you might not want to be as extreme as me but I ended up leaving behind all my friends that drank alcohol and did drugs; I discovered that when sober together we had nothing in common and the only way to spend enjoyable time together was to be drinking alcohol or similar intoxicants. Life is about balance; if you want to lose weight you’ve gotta sacrifice alcohol. Make sacrifice and the universe will reward.


Thanks for your advice.

Since I’ve been seriously trying to improve my diet , I have massively cut my alcohol consumption, this weekend had 1 pint! Where as in my opening post, it was not unusual to have 6 or 7 Friday , another 8 or 10 Saturday and sometimes another 6 on Sunday!

Had a cheat meal Saturday ( Burger at Coals bar and grill) but then tried to compensate in the evening by having Huel.


The week so far has been good, always keeping within my 2000 calories per day limit, tomorrow night is a curry night with the lads, will try to go for a sensible choice and move on to Vodka after a couple of pints…

Will weigh in tomorrow, 100% Huel day today.


Is this your first 100% huel day? Good luck I’m thinking I might try one day next week.


No I’ve done a few now, not too bad when busy. Tonight my wife is out so it’s easier, yesterday I did almost 100% Huel, 3 shakes and a small plate of Pasta (and 4 chocolate biscuits, the customer kept bringing a plate full with every cup of tea)

Today will have 4 Huel shakes, hopefully won’t cave and snack poorly. Have a meeting early evening and the client loves popping for a pint after so will dlimit that to one !


Good Luck!, I have been off the pints since last weekend…Just going to stick to the odd whiskey or Vodi here and there!
When you’re doing 100% Huel is it 2000 calories you are doing?


Thanks mate.

I’ve massively cut down beer since starting this thread.

No when on 100% Huel I have 4 x 100g shakes , find that more than enough , usually one around 9am, 1pm , 5pm, 7pm

Add to that a few teas and waters and I feel like I’m drowning in liquid !!