Weight loss starts now


Weekly weigh in 14 stone 7, regularly losing over 1lb per week, hope it continues :slight_smile:


Great stuff!!! I hope I can get to your level of discipline soon


There are plenty of blips!

I rarely think about going to a shop or sandwich van now for breakfast or lunch though.


Only a fraction of a loss this week.

Dietwise the week has been OK ish, but the snacking has started creeping back in. From next week I’m going to try to always have a Huel ready in the fridge for the moments when I want a quick something to eat.

This weekend I have a meet up with some Friends for dinner and drinks Saturday night , and a roast dinner at my mums on the Sunday, other than that lots of Huel!

From Monday I’m going to start doing the daily diary again, I think this also helps as it makes you realise 'everything ’ you’ve had.

I have a Stag do to go to in 6 weeks and would love to be back in the 13’s by then. I also have another one the end of June and would LOVE to be in the 12’s by then!


A very poor weekend shows with a 2lb gain!!

Time to get back on it seriously now!

I’m going to do more regular weigh ins and more detailed diary here again.


That’s the spirit Bud! You can do it!


Today’s foods!

Breakfasts 100g Huel
Lunch 100g Huel
Snack 50g Huel
Dinner, Gammon with parsley sauce veg and 80g oven chips


Today’s diet is as follows-

8am 50g Huel (left over from yesterday)
12pm100g Huel
4pm 100g Huel
6pm Natural protein bar
730 pm ( the plan is) 2 or 3 pancakes with lemon and sprinkle of sugar.

According to MFP this equals 1300 calories.

From tomorrow I have entered a sponsored fitbit challenge where you must hit 10k steps per day or pay a £5 fine to Cancer Research so steps should increase during March…


Something is wrong there. 1000g of Huel is about 4000 calories?! Typo perhaps? :slight_smile:


Thanks, was typing in a hurry and confusing the calories and grams .



The Fitbit challenge sounds awesome! Will definitely keep you on your toes! If not there goes the beer money!


Definitely mate, most week days I’m koto too far off, but some days over a weekend may only get 3000!

100% Huel day today , hoping to get to 14’7 by Friday. ( also hoping for bars delivery today )


How are the bars? I’m thinking of keeping a few around incase I’m feeling lazy or actually do some exercise and require energy lol


Just popped a banana in one of tomorrow’s Huel, how much Huel/water ratio do you use when adding fruit?

I still did 100g /500ml


I only picked the bars up this afternoon so not tried yet, will probably have one tomorrow.

I won’t be using too many as they are pretty expensive really


I normally make up 250g huel at once with one banana and some mixed fruit normally about litre of water. Then add a bit more water in each bottle before shaking again and drinking.
Today I made 200g and I still added a litre and one banana and 100g of mixed frozen berries. Consistency again by morning will be thicker as I add chia seeds.
On average I add an additional 300ml water before drinking between the two serves my batch creates


I use a Nutribullet to mix mine which only had a capacity of just over 500ml .

Next week I’m going to drop my third shake to 50g and fruit :+1:


Hows it going Bud? hope you are still going strong!


Hi Buddy,

Had a poor couple of weeks (personally) and the diet took a bit of a hit.

Still been using Huel but weight os still around 14 8.

I signed up to a gym today so will be implementing weight training from this week toget going again.

Next weekend im away on a stag do so any good work done till then will no doubt be undone !

Hows your progress going ?


Good to know you havent thrown in the towel!
I have had ups and downs but overall still losing weight albeit slow and steady.
Super jealous mate…I havent been on a stag do in years! The progress won’t be wholly undone if you stand while drinking lol! Also have a go on the pole haha!