Weight loss starts now


Weighed in this morning 14 9.

Had a 100% Huel day,

350g Huel over 4 shakes


How goes the weight training?


All signed up, the gym cant arrange an induction until next week so will start then.

Another 90% Huel day today


Just weighed in 14 7.

Going to do a 100% Huel day today, tomorrow aim for 250g Huel and evenong meal, then Friday- Monday is a write off due to a stag do.

Also Friday marks the end of my 10k steos per day during March challenge!


Well since last post I’ve still been using Huel for Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack and weight has increased slightly to 14’9.

Evening meals over the past few weeks have not been wise choices, also weekends have been pretty ‘Boozy’ .

Really need to sort this out, and get back on it, going to aim for 3x 100% Huel days (350g) per day, hoping the deficit these days will help smooth out any bumps from ‘normal meals’

Again I’m going to start blogging here daily dor motivation and to see progress. “THERE WILL BE PROGRESS.”


So yesterdays food went as follows,

8am 100g Huel (400 cal)
1pm 100g Huel (400 cal)
4pm 50g Huel (200 cal)
7pm Chicken with peppers, onions, mushrooms in a fajhita mix with Broccoli and carrots (approx 600 cal??)
9pm Half a Karb Killer Grenande chocolate brownie bar (125 cal)

Add in around 3 cups of tea shpuld be well within 2000 cal goal.

Also completed 9k steps.


Yesterday food 17/5

Breakfast -100g Huel 400 cal
Lunch- 100g Huel 400cal
Snack -Prawn cocktail crisp 130cal
Dinner - Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, new potatoes and veg (approx 800???)
Snack - Half grenade Karb Killa bar, 125cal

Total cal 1850 ish


Weighed in this morning at 14’7.

Fairly pleased with this as early week I’m usually heavier if I’ve had a poor weekend.

Started back at the gym last week, just basic weights machines and jog/walk in treadmill.

My wife is now also on a bit of a health kick so evening meals are getting healthier and no social nights out planned until end of the month so expecting good progress…


14 Stone 6 .5 this morning.

My lowest weight in around a year.

This week I’ve cut out beer, had Huel strictly for breakfast and lunch, evening meals have been sensible.

Also been doing a 10k step challenge for June.

Goimg to have a good weekend food wise, we jave friends round for dinner Sunday so may be one or two beers, but I’ll try and go on Gin instead.

Feeling pretty positive now, cant wait to get into the 13’s!!

Going to start weight training to my workouts next week too (Hurt my back at work 2 weeks ago so gave it a rest)


No a bad weekend

Both days stuck to Huel for breakfast and lunch.
Saturday evening we went to Pizza Express I had their Leggera pizza (centre removed and replaced with salad) 400cal and a garlic bread with mozzerella (380cal) and one Gin.

Sunday evening my wife cooked Hunters Chicken with potato and some naughty Nachos, 2 beers.

Weighed in this morning 0.7 gain, hoping to hit 14 4 Friday!


Been fairly good this week, only the occasional Penguin of an evening, lots of Huel during the day and salads for dinner (Mon ,Weds) Fajhita mix with Veg Tuesday and 100% Huel yesterday.

Weighed in this morning at 14’ 4.9 I’ll take that as a 14’4 :slight_smile:

This weekend I’m seeing a mate tomorrow night so will have a beer or two but will try to get on the Gin , also foodwise will try and be sensible.


Had a good weekend, a cheat meal of Burger and chips and 2 beers Saturday and a few Gins dotted around too.

Weight this morning 14’ 5.3 , usually gain at least one lbs over a weekend.

In the past week ive been missing my second 100g Huel, and lasting on 1 x 100g and 1x 50g then a sensible dinner. I get stages where I get hungry but usually half a bottle of water or a cup of tea and it soon subsides.


Midwèek weigh in of 14’3

Looked through MFP and this is the lightest ive been since August 16. Starting to feel I have this cracked.

Next Weekend I’m away on a stag do, so planning a good week and weekend up to then. Hopefully be in 13’s when I go.


14’3 still this morning, happy with that.


14’2 today, had fairly good choices over the weekend, one cheat meal of Pizza yesterday.

I’m away on a stag do this coming weekend, will be interesting to see what kind if gain there is


Weighed in this morning following the stag do, weight was still 14’2 so im chuffed with that.

Now to get back on the weightloss game.



I have just been reading… and just realized that I dont have to stick to the measurements that we are given we can measure we feel fits our plan just use scales, cant believe I only just realized ha :roll_eyes:

Oh well…

here goes :slight_smile:


I find it much more of a ‘proper’ reading using scales, my weightloss has accelerated since going to 1x 50g and 1x 100g per day plus plenty of water and a sensible evening meal.0


Just done my weigh in , (Friday always my main one as usually gain a little over weekend) and happy to see a bew number there!!!


The lightest I’ve been in exactly a year!

Still a way to go off my goal of around 12’7 ( wedding weight 4 years ago)


Just re reading the thread and your point is a very valid one.

I now have 1x 50g shake and 1x 100g shake during the day, and around 1-1.5l of water, if by 11am I have drank all my 50g shake or am really hungry usually try and have a coffee which I find helps tide me over till 130/2 when I usually start large Huel.