Weight loss starts now


Well done !


That’s awesome, congratulations! It’s always exciting moving to a new set of numbers on the scales, that’s a great milestone!


First comment today of the “have you lost weight…”

Was from my mom (always worries about people losing weight) but a nice boost none the less


Just weighed in for the week ( out for a meal this evening so thought it best to weigh this morning)

13’12! Happy with that as there has been a few slip ups this week (ice creams, chocolate and a Pizza one evening for dinner)

My Birthday is the end of August so the goal is to be under 13’5 by my birthday!!!


Weighed in today after a fairly poor week.

Stayed at 13’12.

Last weekend I worked all weekend and diet consisted of fried sandwiches, paninis , crisps and chocolate.

Also been working late alot this week so evening meals have suffered , Pizzas etc.

So in fairness happy with no gain.


A couple of up and down weeks, wejght this morning (following a binge yesterday ) still in the 13’s (Just!!)

Back on it tomorrow, goimg to aim to do 3 days this week of 3x 100g shakes for the day.


Great to hear you’re starting again tomorrow, I was looking back and you are still 1 stone lighter than in January and it could have been 1 stone heavier so keep going and keep fighting for your target, try visualising how good that will feel :tada: it may help when you’re tempted to go off track :grinning:


Thanks for your positive message. As posted earlier its my birthday at the end of the month and woukd love to be at 13’7 by then.

Thats the goal!!


Out of interest, why are you still binging?

If you can just resist the seemingly frequent ‘dodgy weekends’ I’m sure you’ll fly down in weight.

Remember, a 500 calorie deficit for the 5 days of the week can be swiftly undone by a single visit to a buffet or night out on the weekend!


Binge may be the wrong word.

Friday, my wife and I were both off work so went out for the day, diet was was poor Breakfast was eaten out (poached eggs, toast, 1 sausage ,1bacon) lunch was a scone with cream and jam and dinner was pizza at a pub on way home, drinks wise was 1 g and t 1 beer.

Lately we have had a few social things plus we do enjoy a meal out and a few drinks. My main goal with Huel is to replace crap during the week , so no sandwich meal deals or snack van fried sandwiches.


Weighed in this morning 13’12

Had a fairly good week so was hoping for 13’11 but was only 0.3 off!!

This weekend we have a cinema and food planned at a new burger restaurant, other than that should be pretty good!!


good for you…
well you have ups and downs right ??? i’m at a low point…


Weighed in this morning 13’9. My birthday is tomorrow so didnt make my 13’7 goal.

Also away on holiday for the next week, so will be happy if my next weigh in is sub 14!


Happy birthday for tomorrow!

I agree, holidays are for relaxing, you can get back on it afterwards :slight_smile:



Back to work today following the best part of 2 weeks off. I did the obligatory Monday weigh in and it wasnt good!

I had noticed latter part of last week that I was starting to feel more conscious in clothes etc as they were starting to get a little tighter .

Todays weight was 14 stone 4. I’m hoping a chunk of that is water from the beer etc over the weekend.

A weird thing is last week I was missing having Huel! So im sure todays breakfast will be eaten earlier than usual!

Back on it now and that number is going to fall!!!


If it’s any consolation, I found the weight I put back on during a week of guests came off easier the second time, perhaps because a lot of it was actual food/water weight or because it was in my bodies short term reserves rather than entrenched in the long term reserves?!

Good luck!


Thanks @CharlieMay, just done a mid week weigh in and 2lb is off already which sugggests our theory is correct.

100% Huel day today and possibly tomorrow, will weigh in again Friday.

My wife mentioned doing another Fitbit challenge so I’m sure the steps will increase from next week too :slight_smile:


Ha, yes, I’m participating in a challenge with my in-laws this week, certainly stops me slacking off and skipping my daily walk :stuck_out_tongue:

P/S Woo, 2 lbs!


Friday weigh in was 14’ 1.

Happy with that, not too much planned this weekend so shoykdnt be too bad diet wise and will try and get out for a couple of walks.

Hopefully get back into the 13’s by next Friday


Monday weigh in 14’1

Had an ok weekend foodwise and not too much booze.

Noe to crack on this week and get back in the 13’s