Weight loss starts now


Just weighed in 13’13.8 !!!

Its good to see that 13 again!

The week has gone pretty well, 1 day 100% Huel, other 3 have been 2 or 3 Huels throughout the day and Salad at night.

We have booked a last minute holoday for 14th October, gonna go all out to get to 13’ 7 for then!!!


Really enjoyed reading this, thank you! I’m using huel as I’ve recently become vegan from vegetarian and I found that I became obsessed with food! I also could do with losing a couple of stone. I’m still on my first week of two huels a day, so wish me luck! I’ll be following your progress here :blush:


Nice to hear you’re enjoying my Huel Journey :slight_smile:

I find ut helps logging it on here, also thought it could be usefull to others as only a few long term reviews popped up when I initially searched.

Good luck with yours


Weekly weigh in time!!


Half a pound??!! To be honest last weekend wasn’t great, a fair amount of Gin and takeaway Pizza Saturday, and a few beers Sunday whikst watching the Football, this week has been pretty good, so overall happy with no increase.

I have family visiting this weekend so there will be a few beers tomorrow and more than likely a Chinese or Italian meal out tomorrow night.

I’ve been reading a book about procrastination and assertiveness and it says for small business owners having nobody to answer to or be accountableis a big problem, and with that in mind I’m going to start updating this more often so you’ll know each time I’ve sneaked a Bourbon out the biscuit jar!!!


13’12 today

Creeping down which is fine, just happy to be going in the right direction.

This week food has been ok, few poor choices and been less active as I had a stinking cold Sunday-Thursday, which in turn reduced my appetite somewhat.


Well done! The only weigh is down :smiley:

Apparently 1lb a week is a good rate of weight loss, so you’re on track! Soon being ‘in the 14s’ will be a distant memory…


13’12.2 this morning and will be an 80% Huel day today so fingers crossed 13’11 tomorrow ( Lightest since March 16)


Love getting those mini milestones! fingers crossed

How does an 80% Huel day work? I do Huel breakfast and lunch, normal dinner and usually a normal snack or 2 like a bit of ham or something during the day to help with the savory cravings :stuck_out_tongue:


80% was just the figure in my head haha!!

Well had 2x 100g so far, have 1 more made up in the fridge but will possibly have a yoghurt or couple of chicken drumsticks , should still be around 1500cal for the day (1800 is my goal)


Weekly weigh in done, 13’12.6!!

Strange really as ive had a pretty good week foodwise. 2 Huels per day (100g each ) for breakfast and lunch, most evening has been salad with a small bit of bread and small slice of quiche.

To be honest after my midweek weigh in I was hoping for a good loss, I haven’t been going to the loo very regularly this week so might be down to that.

No takeaway or anything will weigh in again tomorrow morning, see if theres a change!!


After yesterdays disappointing weigh in, had a good day again yesterday and weighed again this morning,

13’11. 3!!! My lightest in a very long time.

Off to a wedding today, and on holiday for a week from next Saturday which I’m determined not to let it all go to waste. Obviously will be eating out and having a few drinks, but going to try and walk a minimum of 15,000 steps per day and have wiser choices where possible.


13, 10.9 this morning.

Tomorrow will be final weigh in before holiday.

Food has been good this week, feels a bit if a shame that I know alot of the good work will be undone whilst away.

Anyway as above will try and take sensible choices and walk,walk, walk whilst away.


Weighed in this morning , last one before going on holiday for a week.
13 10.3 so narrowly missed the 13 'single digit target.

Now not to gain too much whilst away… wish me luck


Well done and have a fab holiday!


After a fantastic week and a bit away, just weighed in…

13’13.8 under my 14 Goal, more than happy with that.

Now the work starts again to get to the 12’s…


Weighed in this morning at 13’10.

Over the moon with that!!

Now to a ‘sensible’ weekend.

Have a great one everybody


That’s brilliant. Well done.


Wow its been a month since last post.

Diet wise it has been pretty uneventful, few good weeks a few not so good, current weight 13’13.

Super good week coming up as I know this weekend is going to be a blowout as going horse racing Saturday.


Mid week weigh in of 13’12 this morning


This week been trying Intermittent Fasting, basically limiting myself to 2000 calories only between 1pm amd 9pm, weighed in today at 13’10 , delighted with that.

As previously said big day out horse racing tomorrow so expect to see a gain Monday.