Start and end weights

Thanks! Rollers are simmilar to a turbo trainer, but dont hold your bike in any way, or give resistance. You just put your bike straight on top of them and ride as you would outside, almost like a treadmill for your bike. It takes a while to be able to use them with confidence, but is easy once you get the hang of it.

I prefer them to a turbo, as it keeps you mentally involved, as you have to pay attention to your balance. They are also much quicker and easier to set up than a turbo trainer.

Hey. Thank you. These are of use to me too. Do you know if there’s a weight limit for the rollers?

There are many different brands and some are made of plastic, and others are more sturdy alloy, so i guess this would depend entirley on which particular ones you use, im sure there would be model specific info available on the web.

Thank you. I’m excited about this…I’ve got 2 ebikes at home. I’ve recently aggrevated an old big toe injury so have been initially resting and now am back at the gym and being careful…I do food delivery on one of my ebikes but luckily I was between jobs when the pain started…I’m due to start 4 hour shifts 4 times per week (was doing 7 hour shifts and got burnt out) so that’ll take care of lots of cardio for me. The rollers are generally useful though and they look pretty mobile too.

Week 5, 171.4 pounds.

I haven’t actually eaten enough this week. I’ve probably only by accident been having 600 cals a day - I keep making 120g of Huel and only having some of it. Not been hungry at all, so i’m going to have to make myself consume more! As shows, even less cals is not going to lose weight any faster and its not going to be healthy for you!

It can make you lose slower I’ve heard so definitely best to eat enough! I’m the same as you though, a lot of days I just don’t really feel like eating more. Still, it’s definitely best to make yourself!

Yeah i’m not sure if its true about the losing slower thing - thats all based on that old myth of eating 6 meals a day little and effort boosts the metabolism which it turned out in scientific tests it didn’t. In fact the one thing that did boost metabolism was fasting in the morning. I sometimes do intermittent fasting by mistake rather than on purpose, can’t say it boosts my fat loss anymore though either. My bigger concern about not eating enough is health issues, not getting enough fats, vitamins and minerals in the system!

11/1 - 67.7kg
18/1 - 66.8kg
25/1 - 66.2
01/02 - 65.5kg
08/02 - 64.3kg.
15/02 - 63.1kg.

Good progress last week, i have a pretty horrible cold at the moment though, so am not exercising, hopefully this wont cause a any weight gains this week!

Seems like it’s nearly 2 weeks since I posted here. I’m still losing steadily. I saw 98 kg this morning. I started at 113 kg back in November. I’m losing at not quite 1 kg per week, which seems like an OK rate to me.

I’ve survived Christmas and my birthday since starting with Huel and am still on track with weight loss. I reckon about another 3 kg and I’ll need to buy a new belt - the current one is on the last hole now. I’ve already bought new jeans, and even they are looking a bit loose in places already.

I try to be too annoyingly evangelistic about Huel, but it’s tricky reining in the enthusiasm sometimes. :grin:


Stef, this is fantastic. That certainly is a really good and healthy rate to be losing weight. Keep up the great work and enthusiasm, thank you for the updates!



Well, as you can see from my original update the weight loss was fast and vast, so I’ve lost 1.1 stone since starting in January. I found that with no additional exercise I was stuck at a constant weight, so now the weight loss is very minimal (perhaps one pound lost every 1-2 weeks, rather than per day in some instances at the start of the program).

In early January I ordered a bike from Germany, and as it’s hand-built I’ve had to wait until next week until I can begin the exercise phase (two hour commute per day, Mon-Fri). I’ll need to up my dose from 3 servings a day to 4 servings to make up for the calories required to exercise, and only then will I be able to reply to this thread with some solid findings.

I strongly recommend staying away from bread, dough and other such stodge. A couple of times I’ve attended a Hackathon as part of my work, which includes free pizza, I’d give in, and my weight would increase and stay near to that for around 2-3 weeks. It’s just not worth it after all the effort you put in prior to that. Only when using Huel 100% do I see the difference d/d, which is a shame as the novelty is beginning to (reluctantly) wear off.

How are you getting on?

My start weight 28/12/2015 15st 11lbs
Now 21/02/2016 15st :+1::muscle::smiley:
11lb loss loving huel

11/1 - 67.7kg
18/1 - 66.8kg
25/1 - 66.2
01/02 - 65.5kg
08/02 - 64.3kg.
15/02 - 63.1kg.
22/02 62.9kg.

Pretty minimal change this week. I have had a terrible cold all week, so have been done zero exercise, and spent a lot tof time outside of work resting at home. Starting to feel better though. I’m pretty happy to have not gained anything to be honest, Will hopefully get back on track this week.

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It’s typical for weight loss to slow down. Plus, you look pretty slim so that can make it tougher too.

Which bike are you getting? Bet you’re excited. One of my bikes is German too. It’s a Haibike (electric torque system). Yeah, you can give us some solid findings soon.

That’s some good recommendations…can be dangerous stuff. Maybe you can use about 50% Huel and crunch the numbers for macros and calories for your other food…maybe 5 meals per day?

Well I’ve probably put on some pounds. I’ve not weighed or measured myself for some time. I’m pretty sure that I’ve continued eating the same amount of calories that I was when I was training regularly…I’ve not really trained for a few weeks. Initially I mainly stopped training due to aggravating an old big toe injury. Since then, I’ve allowed challenging life situations to get in the way. The thing is though, exercise can really help during stressful times…Anyway, i’m due to get back on it as of tomorrow.

Do you do resistance training at all?

With zero exercise, I’m currently doing…

Jan 03 - 244.2lbs
Jan 10 - 243.8lbs
Jan 17 - 240.8lbs
Jan 24 - 237.2lbs
Jan 31 - 233.2lbs
Feb 07 - 230.8lbs
Feb 14 - 227.0lbs
Feb 21 - 224.2lbs
Feb 28 - 219.8lbs


Eight days in!

12 Mar - 69.6kg
19 Mar - 68.4kg
23 Mar - 67.9kg (-1.7kg)

Okay I know I shouldn’t weigh myself so regularly, but it looks like it’s coming off!


So happy you are hitting your goals! Thank you for sharing.

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Great thread - very inspiring to see everyone’s progress. I can report a pretty good week 1 progress (with some notes)

Week 1 - 90.3kg
Week 2 - 89.3kg - 5 days on Huel as lunch replacement and a naughty Saturday
Week 3 - 87.9kg - delighted with this as had a bad fri night and Saturday (again)

Still just using Huel twice a day. Absolutely a fan.

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I’m absolutely positive I was a depressing 89kg at the beginning of my Huel journey.

6 days later and I’m now 87.7kg. I had wanted to drop a dress size for Friday but that’s looking unlikely now :blush: (not to mention unreasonable)

I usually weigh on Saturday and it would help me a lot to post with an update weekly …


Starting weight 145lb
Want to reach 120lb, so that’s a loss of 25lb I have to reach.
Ironically a year ago I hit a milestone of 25lb loss. So I just have to replicate that- but it’s getting harder as the weight gets lower and I gave up the past year. But here’s to being back on the wagon,hopefully huel can help me!
Second day on huel today, and loving it. I feel so full of beans!!