A New Beginning (Weight Loss)

Hello Guys,

About a year ago i started a weight loss journey that lead to me losing 34kg over the space of 11 months going from 155kg (24st 6lb) to 121kg (19st 0.7lb). About 2 months ago that weight loss journey ended and i went back to my old ways of takeaways and snacking whilst moving house. This lead to me gaining 8kg (1st 3.6lb).

Although most of you wont care, today i have decided to start this blog as a weekly running commentary for my weight loss journey with Huel. I have committed my self to having between 1400 and 1600 kcal a day with at least 800 kcal made up of Huel. I hope to reach a my goal of 100kg by July 2021. To do this i plan to take multi-vitamins and eat:

Breakfast (400 Kcal): toast or cereal bars
Lunch (400 kcal): Huel RTD
Dinner (450-550 Kcal): Huel H&S with added Vegetables (e.g. mushrooms, tomatoes, beetroot or asparagus among others.)
Snack (200 Kcal): Biscuits and tea (To keep my sanity)

If anyone has any tips that can help keep me on track or help others that might come across this post, it would be greatly appreciated.

For those of you who are interested here are my current stats:

Weight: 128.7kg (20st 3.7lb)
BMI: 34.6
Body Fat 31.9%
BMR: 2263 Kcal


Thanks for that rather jaundiced assumption.



Although i expect most of you wont care

Is that better? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used Huel to lose weight and it has worked well. It’s an ongoing project for me even though I’m now in the “healthy” section of the BMI calculators, I’m at the high end of it. So I want to lose fat in particular and gain muscle now.

Anyway that’s a different aim to you but when I first started using Huel I was in sort of the same state of mind at least.

What I would say is to look at a TDEE calculator like https://tdeecalculator.net/ to figure out your basic expenditure of energy.

It might seem counter intuitive but it’s far better to lose your TDEE-500 than to try to lose your TDEE-1500.

What you need to realise is that it takes a whole lot of effort to put that weight on, over a long period of time, so you cannot expect to lose it in a fortnight. If you aim for an excess burn of 3500 calories over a week, that will be a 1 pound loss, sustainable loss, per week.

Don’t aim higher than that. Easy wins will probably come your way at first - they did for me too - but as you get down the BMI scale it becomes slower and takes longer.

Make sure you are taking in enough calories. There is absolutely no point in starving yourself silly then binging badly on a weekend. Sustainable, slow and gentle reduction of calories will result in a sustainable, slow reduction of weight.

Don’t be ashamed to use snacks and topics. Sometimes I want a snack, do I grab a tiny gold bar covered in chocolate? I do not. I grab a 200 calorie salted caramel Huel bar most of the time.

Forgive yourself for getting to where you are and then, forgive yourself the odd minor transgression.

Life will go on regardless of what you do. Check my post history for my journey which I’ve documented on here, but to summarise I’ve lost nearly 3 stone and more importantly in these Covid times I’ve managed to get my blood pressure and heart rate to much more sensible levels.

We are here for you - this is a great community and never think you’re alone on this journey - you definitely are not.


i followed the link and it says Basal Metabolic Rate: 2,265 calories per day , Sedentary: 2,718 calories per day

Which one are you saying i should cut?

I don’t think 10 months is un real to loose 29kgs.

Why the arbitrary date?

That’s 63 pounds man. That will take a while to shift. The first chunk will probably go like lightening, but if you a average it out…

Well I’d say over a year. But who knows. Maybe science and my experience are wrong.

I wish you good fortune in your future.

Well done for getting back to it. The key thing to losing weight is to get back on track as soon as you can. There will always be slip ups and it’s always going to be 2 steps forward and then a step back. Good on you for making that step back as short as possible. That 8kg will fly off when you get back to it

I’d agree with the comment above. Don’t be too heavy in calorie deficit. 3,500 Kcal is a good aim. So you can prob eat a little more.

Currently I do 700 kcal deficit Monday to Friday and then eat my maintenance kcals for the weekend (M to F I eat 1800 kcals and on S & S I eat 2500). This allows me to have a couple of drinks, treats, steaks ect on the weekend.

I recommend tracking your kcals on an app (eg my fitness pal). Even if you are eating Huel and it’s super easy to know how much you are eating, it creates that little bit extra accountability. I am less likely to cheat when I record it, even though I eat the same thing pretty much every day!

Add in walks when you can. They will not just shift calories, but they will boost your wellbeing. This will then make it easier to keep on track, a virtuous circle!

I am very envious, I have between 20 and 25gk to lose, you’ve already achieved that so nice one!


TBH i know its stupid but, i want to feel confident enough to take my top off next summer.

I know you’re probably correct and defiantly in relation to your own body, but 1.43 pounds per week is supposedly achievable according to the NHS. Especially when my goal weight still leaves classed as over weight. Either way, thank you for the advice i will take all of it on board :slight_smile:

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Wanting to be comfortable to take your top off Is not new or weird. I had the same thing, I was sick of being the guy in the swimming pool on holiday who always kept his t shirt on.

If that’ll make you win then GO WIN!

I love to be proved wrong on this sort of thing. Prove me wrong. Please.

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And according to me. You can do it, but it requires a lot of discipline and it gets harder the thinner you get. Good luck with it!

Your diet plan looks sound, except for breakfast. Toast/cereal bars seems like a shit way to start the day. I suppose it depends on what you put on the toast.

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Toast itself is always a horrible waste of calories…

90 calories per slice? Do me a favour.

Yeah. I love a bit of toast but it’s just filler. I think Matt is gonna be short of protein on this diet, so maybe he should get some eggs down his neck in the morning.

Wasn’t rally looking at it in detail was more just pondering on the reality of the situation from my perspective. I shall go critique his intake forthwith.

It goes


But my main thought was, eating so few calories, he will definitely be short of protein no matter what he does. So it makes sense to eat protein (which is important) instead of carbs (which aren’t) for the non-Huel meals.

Yeah so no. That few calories isn’t going to work even if they are made up by blueberry muffins kissed by Claudia Schaffer herself.

Dude, you need to be eating more calories.

Heh jinx lol

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When it comes to protein it looks like im having between 63 and 67g of protein a day.

Although i don’t know if this is low?

For instance when adding yesterdays food to myfitnesspal it says i had 104g carbs, 56g fat, 67g protein.

If you could take 20g out of carbs and put it into protein, that’d be better. We need at least 0.6g protein per kg of bodyweight.


There’s been some talk on this forum about protein intake during weight loss, and how a higher level can help prevent some of the inevitable muscle loss. And unlike micronutrients, it’s not something you can easily top up with a supplement.


So from what i can tell i need at least another 10g of protein in my diet. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Egg on toast, mate.