Start and end weights


Hey Guys

Only started using Huel yesterday and I will be trying to go 100% for 4 weeks (build up to my wedding so anything lost by then is a bonus). I aim to have 3 x 3 scoops a day.

I’m 31, 6ft1 and yesterday I weighed 110.8kg. Wedding day is 15th July. The aim is to hit 104kg before then.

Despite being a fat b*stard I am quite fit and try to take part in a couple full and a couple half marathons each year so hopefully I will be able to shed a fair bit of weight and get a new PB!

UPDATE - 109.6kg this morning. So happy with Huel already. I’ve never had a healthy diet so this is a great way for me to get all the nutrients I need without having to eat nasty vegetables :slight_smile:


I was ill back in 2012 (Cushing’s Disease) and stopped weighing myself when I hit 110kg. On my road to recovery I lost most of the weight but for a couple of years couldn’t really get much below 90kg.

I saw Huel ads on Facebook and thought I’d give it a shot.

After 3 months of Huel making up at 60-70% of a 2000 calorie daily limit I’m at around 82kg and feeling so much better than I have done in long time. I only drink alcohol for occasional celebrations and run 3 times a week and weight train 3 times a week.

For reference here’s me at my heaviest and me at my lightest (yesterday).


Wow that’s an amazing transformation, well done. I’ve been on medication following an illness that unfortunately causes weight gain as a side effect so part of my fitness regime and Huel journey is to take control of this :slight_smile:


Seriously well done.


Wow, well done dude !


Hi, all! I’ve just started my Huel journey, and have currently been using it for just over a week. I’m replacing breakfast and lunch on the days that I’m at work, and eat regular food in the evenings/on my days off.
I started using it because I work some fairly horrific hours, often alone, which leads to me eating absolute crap out of sheer boredom more than anything.
I also am not using Huel with weight loss in mind as my main goal, but rather because it’s so quick and easy to prepare (I have no time/energy for food prep usually), and more nutritious than anything I would usually buy when I’m at work.

With that in mind, weight loss has obviously been a welcome bonus!
Starting weight: 5th June 161lbs
Current: 12th June 157.2lbs

Absolutely over the moon with this, to be honest. And I’m excited to see how my progress continues!


@JJMC @Tubby_Graver @ted66ted

Thanks guys. My BMI is in the upper end of the ideal range now. Fitness is my main concern rather than weight loss right now but I think I have another few lbs to drop.


Thank you for sharing, and to everyone else too. If I had Huel when I was at University and waiting tables it would have been a godsend. I used to eat breakfast at 11am and lunch/dinner at 4pm and nothing else. Good luck with your progress!


I started on the 12th May and weighed 135.7kg.
This morning, I was 131.8
I plateaued as I was having 100g for breakfast, 110g for lunch and then another 100g before cooking dinner. I cook for the family, and that one before cooking is really important as I would pick a lot of food whilst cooking.
The last few days, I had 50g in 300ml for breakfast, another 50g for lunch. 100g as soon as I get home to stop the hunger pangs whilst cooking and then an evening meal. It’s working out much better.


June 9th = 110.8
Jule 16th = 108.5

I have not been super active during this time. According to my watch I am hitting around 12-14,000 steps a day. I have been to the gym twice on the last week too.

I know I shouldn’t but I tend to weigh myself each morning and I am genuinely excited to see a smaller number each day. Some observations so far:

My energy levels have increased massively

No cravings at all for sweets. I used to go to the petrol station near work and buy 2 mars bars most days before Huel.

I think my skin is looking a lot clearer than before

I feel f*****g fantastic


Congrats @Tom_Clive - inspirational.

@Mavis - that’s a great 1 month loss - looking forward to hearing the July results.

And congrats @Edclarke_1 - I weigh myself every day as well, find it keeps me focused. If it works for you, keep it up.

Have to say Huel is really helping me on my journey from being 90kg to a target weight of 81kg (currently at 87.5kg). Not only losing weight but feeling much more energetic. I’m finding after a day on Huel I have the energy to hit the gym, which I never used to have.

Go Huel!


@Mavis are you consuming anything other than Huel? 200g of Huel is onto 810kcal and is far too low for safe and sustained weight loss. Or are you eating a normal meal too? Very happy to see you weight loss progress though, I just want to be sure you are doing it the safest way :slight_smile:

@Edclarke_1 Great stuff, keep up the good work! No more petrol station rubbish! Maybe one day you’ll be able to get Huel in petrol stations.

@Davey-O I completely agree with the energy Huel gives you. So much more motivation to work hard at the gym!


I like to have a snack before hitting the training hard. I find Huel difficult to exercise on, I can feel it slopping around in my stomach


Have you tried mixing up a thicker serving of Huel? I occasionally make it so thick I almost need a spoon to eat it!


@TimOfficeHuel a Huel Station…


Yeah, in general Huel has given me way more energy - but I certainly find exercise straight (or soon) after Huel to be a little sloshy. Generally wait an hour or so.


Yes, I should have stated that, I am using Huel for Breakfast, lunch and a snack and then leaving about 1000 calories for an evening meal/wine. I usually end a day with a few spare calories.
However, what I have noticed is how my attitude to food changes if I have alcohol with my meal. For instance, last night, I cooked and ate the evening meal, and cooked extra for my daughter for when she got home. I had a stressful day at work and drank half a bottle of red wine. I was satisfied before the drink, and then I came over in a wave of hunger, ate two packs of crisps, made a Huel chocolate mug cake and finished off some left over chicken taking my calorie consumption to 2632kcal, 542 over my target!


June 9th = 110.8
July 16th = 108.5
July 23rd = 107.2 (I was hoping for 107.9 so I am over the moon with 107.2.

I think I might be getting a little bit evangelical about Huel to work mates. 3 people here have since started on it


It’s been a really bad week for me, but I’ve only put on 0.1kg! I’m determined to get below the 130kg mark next week.


0.1kg isn’t anything to worry about! You would lose more than that just going to the toilet

Keep it at it and the weight drops off (as I am finding)