Start and end weights


Yep. I was quite pleased that it was just that as I drank heavily on Friday and had a take away and two BBQ’s over the weekend.


Start Weight
Wednesday 15 Jun 15 st 11 lbs

1st weigh in
Monday 20 June 15 st 1 lb
2nd weight in
Monday 27th June 14 st 13.8lb
3rd weigh in
Monday 4th July 14st 11.8lb.

I will try to update every Monday, if i remember.

I am aiming to get to 12 stone for now.


June 9th = 110.8 kg
July 16th = 108.5 kg
July 23rd = 107.2 kg
July 24th = 106.3 kg


I started at the same weight and am also aiming for 12 stone / 76 kg

Currently 14 stone / 89kg

Started Huel three weeks ago !!

I’m wasting away :slight_smile:


I’m upping my Huel intake in an attempt to stop me picking of an evening. I’m going to go for 100g breakfast, 100g for lunch and 100g as I cook Dinner.


If you like hard boiled eggs try having a couple of these if you feel the need to graze. It’s really helping me!


I’ll second that !! I boil up six at once, dry them and put them back in the carton & fridge. Instant eggy snack :hatching_chick:


I don’t unfortunately.
I was doing well. I’ve had a bad week. I’m away this weekend, but I’m determined to have Huel all weekend and just have an evening meal.


That was hard work. Family went down for a full English this morning. I nearly buckled. I had 100g of Huel and joined them for a coffee.
Another 100g for lunch and just had another 100g.
I’m looking forward to dinner.


June 9th = 110.8 kg
June 16th = 108.5 kg
June 23rd = 107.2 kg
June 24th = 106.3 kg
July 1st = 105.3 kg

We have friends around for food and drinks tonight. It’s going to be tough to control myself with loads of tasty food around so wish me luck!

Also, 15 days until our wedding, I can’t lose much more weight before my suit will need altering!


I’d recommend not worrying about 1 day a week of ‘binge eating’. Life is still for living, and enjoying yourself should remain a priority!

Getting to your target weight is a journey not a race.

Whilst weight loss is not my primary goal, I’ve found that eating lots once a week makes little difference.

Everyone is different, and you’re clearly taking regular weight measurements, so I’d recommend trialing having a cheat day and seeing the effect. I weigh daily, and a cheat day shows up for only 2 days before seemingly vanishing off the scales.

Besides, worst case is it adds a few hundred grams, that will help you with maintaining your size or your suit.


I just saw this thread. I’ve been working on losing weight for just over a year.

Start: 18/05/2015 108.9kg
Today: 01/07/2016 77.2kg


That’s brilliant well done


Very impressive results!

Can I ask a little about how much huel you are having, how many meals are you replacing etc?



Hi all - just joined the frum today after 2 and a bit weeks on huel. Here are my weigh-ins so far:

Pre huel
30/05/16 - 17st 4
06/06/16 - 17st 3
13/06/16 - 17st 2

Replacing lunch with 2 scoops of huel
20/06/16 - 16st 12
27/06/16 - 16st 8

Skin is clearer, feeling more energised and very motivated.


@Tubby_Graver Thanks, its been hard work at times but I feel so much better now that it was definitely worth it.


How much Huel I eat varies with time. Most days I replace at least one meal, and less often two. I rarely, if ever, have days when I only eat Huel.


Holy crap! I just updated my post upthread. I have lost damn near a stone! in 19 days!

I am not sure this is a good thing, or sustanable, but I am pretty happy. I have also dropped my body fat from 60% on 15th June to 56% today! and it cant be just water I am losing as my body water has gone from 29% to 31.5%!

Go Me!


Congratulations Kizeree!! Good work :slight_smile:

I took the liberty of doing some maths for you, which I think you’d ilke.

You’ve lose 6kg since the 15th June. you were just over 100kg, and you’re not 94kg. 6KG is great!

However, based on your body fat percentages - on 15th June you have 60kg of body fat. Now, you have 52.78KG of body fat. That means you’ve lost 7.4KG of fat!

That’s 3.5 times the amount of fat shown in this picture below. You must be feeling awesome :slight_smile:


Wow, cool. Thank you! I am honestly feeling EPIC, but I had no idea it was really that much! I am even more motivated to keep going and get to my goal of 76-77kg.


For the first time since starting Huel I have managed to not put a load back on over the weekend. I am taking this as a mini victory

June 9th = 110.8 kg
June 16th = 108.5 kg
June 23rd = 107.2 kg
June 24th = 106.3 kg
July 1st = 105.3 kg
July 5th - 105.2

Hoping to break the <105 kg mark tomorrow or the day after