Start and end weights


Hi all,
I started mine this morning, I have already lost 10lbs as part of eating better and cycling around 100 miles per week (approx 4000 calories) since March.
I plan to have 100g Huel twice a day and a normal evening meal, not sure about the weekends yet.

Starting weight (Today 5th July) - 11st 10.7lbs - 20.9% body fat BMI 23.6 (Fitbit Aria scales)

I go on holiday in 2 1/2 weeks so hope to lose another 4-5lbs by then. I mainly want to go down in body fat to around 15% eventually.


104.9 this morning

Time to stop shedding weight for a couple weeks. I bought my wedding suit when I was 114kg (a couple months before Huel) so need to be careful it still fits! After the honey moon i’ll be right back on Huel with a goal of 95kg


On the note of keeping track of weight, I notice some people posting their weekly weigh-ins. I weigh twice a day, and it’s amazing how much weight can fluctuate on a day by day basis. Weekly weigh-ins can be a little misleading. I wrote up my thoughts on it last night ( ) - but if you can’t be bothered to read, the points are:

Congrats with your progress though @Edclarke_1 - it’s kind funny that your progress has been too good!


I agree with the daily weigh ins. Even if just for the motivation. I wake up, go to the loo then get on the scales. Is it sad that I go to bed excited at the thought of waking up and seeing how much I have lost?


Heh, no - I’m the same! :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing what’s on the scales every day, and I’m not even trying to loose weight!


I was toying with the idea of daily weigh ins, but I was not sure that it would be a good thing to get on one morning and see gains and i’d get disheartened. I did say to my husband I was going to have a go at daily weigh ins for a month just out of interest to see the fluctuation and what, if any, changes there may be during my monthly cycle.

I may give it a good sooner than I had planned to.


I’d be really interested in hearing how daily weigh ins go for you @Kizeree. What’s key is to understand that it will go up on some days, but it’s the trend that’s important.
However, you could argue the same for weekly weigh ins, if you weigh on a light day one week, and a heavy day the next week - you might be tricked into thinking a whole week of healthy eating/exercise has been all for nothing.


This is true. I am also a bit wary (is a silly way) at the mo as my next weight could be inaccurate as I shaved off a good portion of hair (at least a couple of pounds) as I have re-done my Mohawk in preparation for the Race for Life on Sunday :slight_smile: I might start daily weigh in’s next week.


Ok, so here we go with daily weigh ins.

here are what I have so far over past few weeks
Wednesday 15 Jun 15 st 11 lbs 60.0% fat
Monday 20 Jun 15 st 1 lb 57.5% fat
Monday 27 Jun 14 st 13.8 lbs 57.0% fat
Monday 04 Jul 14 st 11.8 lbs 56.0% fat

and today, day 1 of daily weigh ins

Thursday 7 Jul 14 st 11.4 lbs 56.2% fat

Friday 8th Jul 14st 10.6. 55.9% fat (31.6% water) yesterday was a hectic day in which I hit over 20,000 steps, did a crappy run, and then spent hours caring for a feverish, altered and poorly almost 7 year old. I was unable to eat all the calories my fitness pal said I should so I expect that tomorrows weight will be higher.

Saturday 9th Jul 14 st 11.2 56.1% fat (35.1% water) a slight gain, but I am not surprised. The bacon probably did that, and I spent most of yesterday recovering from Thursday. I think i may be a bit dehydrated this morning too. Also, i’m ill with a cold. I went overboard on calories yesterday too.

Sunday 10 Jul 14 st 10.6lb 55.7%fat
I have a 10k race today but i’ll probably be walking most of it as i am taking 2 of my daughters.

Tuesday 14st 10.4lb 55.5% body fat. I forgot to update yesterday. Monday was 14st 11lb 55.9%.

Update Thursday
14st 10 55.3% body fat. I did weigh on Wednesday but it was exactly the same as Tuesday.

I am going to keep weigh ins to the morning, after morning loo trip but before breakfast, in just a t-shirt. I understand that I will fluctuate quite a bit from day to day and week to week. The most important thing for me is an over all gradual decline in body fat and getting to a healthy weigh, which for me at the mo, is 12 stone. I’ll update again tomorrow (I may forget the odd day here and there, but I will try to remember)


Pre huel
30/05/16 - 17st 4
06/06/16 - 17st 3
13/06/16 - 17st 2

Replacing lunch with 2 scoops of huel
20/06/16 - 16st 12
27/06/16 - 16st 8
04/07/16 - 16st 7
11/07/16 - 16st 5

The weight loss seems to have leveled off a bit in the last two weeks which is actually good I feel. Was losing 4lb a week and at that rate I think it would have been a lot harder to maintain and definitely harder to keep off.

Have got myself a Mi Band 2 activity tracker which will hopefully keep me motivated with the walking. My 30 min lunchtime walks are making a huge difference so want to keep on with that as I will continue to struggle to find time at home to exercise with an amazing but very needy 18 month old daughter.


I must be one of the few… the only? person not to be losing weight when having HUEL for breakfast and lunch all week.

100g for each meal, 400ml of water…

not lost a pound in weight! lol


Hi - what is your total calorific intake for the day if you don’t mind me asking? Many thanks.


I’m starting today . Huel was delish with a tbsp of cocoa and a banana

Start weight 17 stone 7 :slight_smile:
Calorific intake of 1800 X


I haven’t updated in a few days because I forgot.

Here are my weights since July 15th

Monday is highlighted So i know which gaps to really pay attention to, and not give much credence to the numbers in between.



I did daily weighing for a time - actually really helped desensitise me - I was getting very reactive to weekly weighing if didn’t show my efforts - daily weighing helped with the bigger picture fluctuations


I’m down to 79kg so that’s another 3kg weight loss in the past 6 weeks. It doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up. Huel has definitely made it so much easier and I’ve been losing without really trying.

I’m down quite a few notches on my belt since starting Huel and have needed to shop for new clothes.

I’ve been told by a few friends that I’m looking a lot healthier and have been called lean and slim for the first time in a while.

I used to weigh myself with my wii-fit as it was a handy way to record my weight and plot it in a graph. I don’t have it all hooked up anymore but might get a smart set of scales like a Polar Balance.


Update from week of Monday 18th to Monday 25th.

Overall a 1.2lb weight loss and a 0.5% fat loss. Still good progress, and I am pretty happy with it.


Monday 25th to Monday 1st

Still a 1.2lb loss over the week, and considering I was not as active this week I am still pretty happy. (Red days=Menstrule cycle, I want to see what happens to my weight fluctuations during the whole month) I also forgot to weigh twice as my husband was in the hospital so I was a tad busy.



Starting weight (pre-huel) 30/05/16 - 17st 4
Starting weight (1 meal huel a day/ 2 scoops) 13/06/16 17st 2
Current Weight 01/08/16 - 16st 2

That’s my first stone gone since starting huel and 16 pounds off altogether

Just ordered U/U Huel as I want to experiment more with savoury and sweet flavours. Looking forward to giving that a go from tomorrow when it arrives.


Update on my progress. So, I have still lost some weight, and at a steady rate too. I am happy with this.