Start and end weights


No change here over the last 6 weeks to be perfectly honest. I started Huel at 94.4kg, I’m still 94.4kg :frowning:


Started on Tuesday straight in at 3 scoops 3 times a day, I was 14st 0.8lbs. Weighed myself today and I am 13st 10.4lbs my aim is 11st 7lbs. I am 5ft 10 btw, so not a bad start I realise some of this is cause my gut isnt full of solid food (does that make a difference?)

To be honest I am a 100% carnivore, if it doesnt have meat in it, it isnt a meal in my eyes lol never been bothered about the enviro or animal welfare much to the disgust of my sister who is a vegi and suggested Huel to me to help get my weight back under control. I have never had a weight problem up until a few years ago, but due to age I guess and my change in work life use to be a gardener but now I work behind a screen 70% of the time and the rest is out gardening I started putting it on and on and before I get bigger I want to rewind the clock to my ideal in my eyes anyway weight so decided to give this a go.

I fully expected to be starving thought it would be like slim fast lol but it aint. I can go between 4 to 5 hours between huel shakes and I never feel hungry I am full of energy more so than with my usual diet, when you sometimes feel tired after a big meal they none of this, I guess I am getting what my body needs now, this will be a lifestyle change now and not just a diet once I reach my goal I will replace 1 huel meal with normal food again.

I am getting married in October and hope to loose a stone before then, so my suit has a little more room in it lol, wish me luck.


Hey there! Started Huel recently. I’m trying to get to 54 kg before a big 30th bday party next week so I’m going pretty hardcore. (I’m short so 54kg is well wishing healthy range.)

I track things on MyNetDiary:


My weight has pretty much stayed the same. I started in May and am 3kg lighter now, so hardly any difference. I was doing 2X3 scoops and an evening meal, but found myself really hungry and ate loads in the evening. I am now on 3X2 scoops and feel a lot better and less likely to pick while I cook the family dinner.

The best thing for me, is that I feel a LOT better from having these meal replacements. I haven’t ever managed 100% Huel though, as I just love food too much.

I’m a pretty all or nothing type of person, so I should really give 100% a good go, but life just gets in the way.


As soon as I typed this, I went home with a massive headache. Couldn’t stomach anything apart from Huel, so did my first 100% day. Weighed myself this morning and have dropped another 2kg!!!


I am still on Huel for breakfast & lunch although 80g each now (was 100g)

Currently 11st 4.7lb & 18.4% fat 22.8 BMI. I’m still cycling regularly and trying to eat healthily but often have beer & some chocolate and takeaways so not doing too bad. I’m going to sign up for a big bike ride next May so will be easier if I lose some more weight and get down to 15% body fat as it will make the hills a lot easier as it is 110 miles & over 10,000ft climbing.


Wow that is an excellent comparison - well done


that’s a crazy transformation



it’s been a long time since I updated this.

I started about 1.5 years ago with Huel in order to drop a few kilo before I got married. I went from 112kg to 103kg (I’m 6ft1) very quickly and felt amazing. After the wedding I forgot to order more huel and slowly crept up to 114kg.

I was so busy with work/moving house and starting a huge building project that I started eating junk all the time. I was so worn out I had to have at least 1 500ml can of energy drink each morning just to keep awake. By 5pm I was a zombie.

Now fast forward to today. 2 weeks back on huel or 2 meals a day. No energy drinks at all, no chocolate bars at all and I am down from 114kg to 109kg.

I’m saving money,
I’m feeling amazing
I have so much more energy that our building project is moving on nicely (I have energy to do work each evening rather than sitting on the sofa)

I really love this stuff, it’s great


I got down to 11st last May but back up to 12st 3lbs after Xmas and too much eating/drinking and no cycling.
I’m back on the Huel and hoping to lose a stone before May and a bit more for summer hols.


How many scoops is 150g?


Around 4 scoops.