Starting my journey on Huel

Afternoon everyone
As a 52 year old male who recently noticed my jeans are too tight … it’s time to lose a few kgs (ok lose quite a few kgs)
Weighing in a tad over 17 1/2 stone (will check weight before I start Huel) luckily I am 6’ 4” so carry weight well !

I will start my journey tomorrow morning…
And hopefully let you know how it all goes


Keep us updated :slight_smile:

I’m certain the scales lie !!

Weigh in (I’m keeping it secret ! As it was much more than I expected !)
So here goes …
And first thoughts of my first Huel ‘meal’, it was the improved vanilla, and …
I kinda liked it !
Not dissimilar to the vanilla Nourishment drinks but a tad thicker
I think I can try a few mixing ratios to see which is best for me. Possibly less water ??
Now after 10 minutes I feel like I’ve had a big meal BUT I’m ready for the dog walk…

Starting with 2 meals a day (tricky tho as I’m on nights this week !)

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Meal number 2 400ml water and 2 healthy scoops, I liked this a bit better than meal 1 !
Not going to update every meal but just my
Initial thoughts for a few days then maybe weekly?
Not hungry at all, which is unusual ! Tho I may be a bit later for my dinner time.

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Thanks for keeping us updated. How are you doing with the mixing ratios, found one that works for you?

Day 2
Working nights isn’t helping on this one !
Last night I had a usual evening meal. And Went to work … unusually, I wasn’t hungry at all during the night !
This morning after work I had my 2 scoops Huel in 400ml water breakfast and went to bed.
Just woke up moments ago having slept really well and amazingly refreshed but very very hungry !
So I had 3 :scream: scoops in my usual 400ml water hoping that will ease the hunger somewhat … I was SO tempted to have a chocolate biscuit or two with my cuppa !!
But I didn’t :+1: and the 2 Huel meals per day journey continues …

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This evenings meal (not Huel) was very filling and abnormally I couldn’t manage any extra !

So … my daily menu is 2 meals consisting of a shake of 2 scoops and 400ml if water and then a ‘normal’ family meal in the evening.
Amazingly no temptation of a snack !
And not feeling that hungry !
Still early days but … so far so good :blush:

Day 3
Am I imagining that my jeans are slightly looser ?
Surely it can’t work that fast ??
Jumped on the scales … something isn’t right !
I will try again tomorrow as I’m not convinced the measurements either at the beginning OR today are correct ???
I seem to have lost a few lbs already ??
Two scoops and 400 ml water twice a day and a ‘normal’ evening meal … which seem to fill me much more than they used to !
No snacks or treats
How do I feel ? Well despite doing night shifts this week resulting in me getting less sleep than I should … I feel quite good !
Had none of the side effects that people seem to write about … maybe I’m just lucky ?
Daily dog walks of about 3-4 Miles are easy and I hope to get back on the bike when I’m not on night shifts !
So far … so good ??

Day 4 …Still on 400ml water and 2 healthy scoops for 2 meals a day and one ‘normal’ meal in the evening … not had any snacks or junk food since Monday AM
My jeans seem baggier somehow (needed to put a belt on today) and normally on nights I’m exhausted all week … this week however I seem to be sleeping better and not as tired.
Weigh in … well not sure how accurate the scales are… but a definite loss !
And enjoying the shakes too … not hungry between meals either … is it a coincidence ?
Still got plenty of time to go … let’s see how this evolves !

Hey there, all sounds very exciting! Do make sure you’re not in too much of a calorie deficit and be sure to drink enough water. When you lose weight you can lose a lot of water weight initially. Check out our useful guide here to losing weight with Huel. There’s a calorie calculator and you can assess the optimum calorie intake to lose weight safely and sustainably.

I agree re losing too much weight too quickly AND the water intake …
I’ve been drinking water and plenty of cups of tea,
Strangely I feel more refreshed and less fatigued than I normally do on night shift, and it may be mentally BUT also I feel slimmer too ! Scales show an improvement …
Let the journey continue :+1:

Just had a thought …
After mixing the shake (400ml with 2 good measures) about 5 seconds vigourous shakes
It’s absolutely fine for me … occasional lumpy bits but I’ve drunk protein shakes before, so no big deal !

But I tend to down the 400ml in 2-3 big gulps in less than 2-3 minutes

Is that wrong ? Do I really need to wait and sip it slowly ??

Well it’s almost a week

IF the scales are accurate … I’ve lost several lbs !!
Today is the first time I’ve actually felt hungry …a quick 1 scoop in 200ml as a snack sorted that :+1:

First thoughts … taste The new vanilla is absolutely fine, 2 scoops plus 400ml water
occasional lumpy bits but as I only shake it vigorously for 5 seconds ! It’s like a protein shake (as I’ve said before)
Replaced 2 meals a day and have a regular meal at dinner time
Feeling good and sleep really well (despite being on night shifts)
Seem to have extra energy too …
Will I continue … yes definitely ! (Besides I still have a few bags to use !!)
Catch up soon

I use a kitchen scale and weight everything I consume. I know this may see extreme but it’s vecome a habit. With 400 ml of water or cold coffee I add 78 grams of Huel. This equals a 300 cal meal. I add a banana if I use coffee and strawberries if I’m using water the I add a lot of ice and spin it in the blender. It makes Avery satisfying meal and allows for healthy snacks throughout the day. I’m never hungry. I do add more Huel if I know that’s all I’ll be eating that day. At 300-400 cal I have two - three a day and one meal of Whole Foods. The weight is dropping off and I’m satiated.

I succumb to temptation overnight …
I found a packet of crisps in my bag and despite my mind saying No… I ended up eating them !! Aargh !
But they were really nice :+1:

I will pretend it didn’t happen and continue my Huel journey … having just had my breakfast (2 scoops in 400ml)
I will do my weigh in later … but expect to be disappointed !
Early days yet tho …

Had a strange thing happen to me today … at lunch I had to resort to a sandwich at work … but a headache started to appear at about 1.30pm by 2.30 I had to pop in to a pharmacy to get some headache tablets … feeling quite rough, I took the opportunity to have my 400m and 2 scoops of Huel …
within 15 minutes my headache subsided and I was feeling quite energetic again !
Was it the ibuprofen ??
Or was it my serving of Huel ??

Not saying that Huel can cure headaches but it seems to have helped somewhat !!

Or maybe I was going cold turkey without my lunchtime Huel serving ???

2 weeks in
Had a weekend when a takeaway Chinese meal fed the family (actually enough food for 2 evening meals !!!) :scream:
Weigh in today says I levelled off or maybe gained a little … to be expected with the intake of chicken in yellow bean sauce with cashew nuts, boiled rice, veg spring roll and seaweed (I can see you salivating !!!)
Back on to the strict 2 meals a day of Huel today … let’s see what what this week brings

I actually enjoy the shakes (no additional flavours) and 2 heaped scoops with 400ml water … shaken not stirred :wink:
And over the last 2 weeks I was quite amazed weight dropped off, I felt energetic and had no temptation of snacks … even when at work !

So … let’s see what happens in the coming weeks / months :+1:


18 days in …
well (this is only my experiences … so it’s not scientific or what everyone will experience !)
I’ve been tempted and succomb to the occasional treat over this week … and the occasional snack at work !!

I’ve lost about 6-8lbs (not convinced my scales are correct) in 18 days, this may sound a lot … but there’s a lot to lose !! Ha ha ha
I’m sleeping better (despite being on nights!) and don’t feel exhausted when I wake up !!
And feeling like I have more energy! (Poor dog is getting longer walks !)
Occasional days, I felt like I needed a change from a shake, like ‘real’ food, I resisted ‘mostly’… but trying a shake and adding a little flavour helped slightly !

Next week I will be adding gym visits to the mix…

Not giving up … determined to continue and see how much I lose … and quite enjoying the benefits (time saving, not having to think about food, I can shake anywhere, and feeling healthier!)


Almost a month in

A couple of guilty glitche meals, I have been on 2 meals of Huel a day plus a ‘normal’ meal
Some days I fell off the regime as trips out (with no Huel) and family meals seemed so much more appetising …

Weigh in today … assuming the scales are correct etc etc … I seem to have lost 12lbs !! (There’s a lot to lose so this sounds a lot but in the grand scale of things …)
I also feel more energetic and sleep better !
Downside is … some of my clothes feel too big !

No one seems to have noticed any physical differences (I have… I think !)

Still got a very LONG way to go …


Just had a thought …

As we lose a few pounds in weight …

The daily calorific intake should decline slightly also …

All other variables are the same … age and height … so if we are getting lighter the calories needed are less?
Which means, if we continue with the same intake we will plateau out when we reach a certain point ?? :thinking:
For example would my my 400 ml with 2 scoops go to 375ml with 1 3/4 scoops ??