Starting my journey on Huel


Afternoon everyone
As a 52 year old male who recently noticed my jeans are too tight … it’s time to lose a few kgs (ok lose quite a few kgs)
Weighing in a tad over 17 1/2 stone (will check weight before I start Huel) luckily I am 6’ 4” so carry weight well !

I will start my journey tomorrow morning…
And hopefully let you know how it all goes


Keep us updated :slight_smile:


I’m certain the scales lie !!

Weigh in (I’m keeping it secret ! As it was much more than I expected !)
So here goes …
And first thoughts of my first Huel ‘meal’, it was the improved vanilla, and …
I kinda liked it !
Not dissimilar to the vanilla Nourishment drinks but a tad thicker
I think I can try a few mixing ratios to see which is best for me. Possibly less water ??
Now after 10 minutes I feel like I’ve had a big meal BUT I’m ready for the dog walk…

Starting with 2 meals a day (tricky tho as I’m on nights this week !)


Meal number 2 400ml water and 2 healthy scoops, I liked this a bit better than meal 1 !
Not going to update every meal but just my
Initial thoughts for a few days then maybe weekly?
Not hungry at all, which is unusual ! Tho I may be a bit later for my dinner time.


Thanks for keeping us updated. How are you doing with the mixing ratios, found one that works for you?


Day 2
Working nights isn’t helping on this one !
Last night I had a usual evening meal. And Went to work … unusually, I wasn’t hungry at all during the night !
This morning after work I had my 2 scoops Huel in 400ml water breakfast and went to bed.
Just woke up moments ago having slept really well and amazingly refreshed but very very hungry !
So I had 3 :scream: scoops in my usual 400ml water hoping that will ease the hunger somewhat … I was SO tempted to have a chocolate biscuit or two with my cuppa !!
But I didn’t :+1: and the 2 Huel meals per day journey continues …


This evenings meal (not Huel) was very filling and abnormally I couldn’t manage any extra !

So … my daily menu is 2 meals consisting of a shake of 2 scoops and 400ml if water and then a ‘normal’ family meal in the evening.
Amazingly no temptation of a snack !
And not feeling that hungry !
Still early days but … so far so good :blush:


Day 3
Am I imagining that my jeans are slightly looser ?
Surely it can’t work that fast ??
Jumped on the scales … something isn’t right !
I will try again tomorrow as I’m not convinced the measurements either at the beginning OR today are correct ???
I seem to have lost a few lbs already ??
Two scoops and 400 ml water twice a day and a ‘normal’ evening meal … which seem to fill me much more than they used to !
No snacks or treats
How do I feel ? Well despite doing night shifts this week resulting in me getting less sleep than I should … I feel quite good !
Had none of the side effects that people seem to write about … maybe I’m just lucky ?
Daily dog walks of about 3-4 Miles are easy and I hope to get back on the bike when I’m not on night shifts !
So far … so good ??


Day 4 …Still on 400ml water and 2 healthy scoops for 2 meals a day and one ‘normal’ meal in the evening … not had any snacks or junk food since Monday AM
My jeans seem baggier somehow (needed to put a belt on today) and normally on nights I’m exhausted all week … this week however I seem to be sleeping better and not as tired.
Weigh in … well not sure how accurate the scales are… but a definite loss !
And enjoying the shakes too … not hungry between meals either … is it a coincidence ?
Still got plenty of time to go … let’s see how this evolves !


Hey there, all sounds very exciting! Do make sure you’re not in too much of a calorie deficit and be sure to drink enough water. When you lose weight you can lose a lot of water weight initially. Check out our useful guide here to losing weight with Huel. There’s a calorie calculator and you can assess the optimum calorie intake to lose weight safely and sustainably.


I agree re losing too much weight too quickly AND the water intake …
I’ve been drinking water and plenty of cups of tea,
Strangely I feel more refreshed and less fatigued than I normally do on night shift, and it may be mentally BUT also I feel slimmer too ! Scales show an improvement …
Let the journey continue :+1:


Just had a thought …
After mixing the shake (400ml with 2 good measures) about 5 seconds vigourous shakes
It’s absolutely fine for me … occasional lumpy bits but I’ve drunk protein shakes before, so no big deal !

But I tend to down the 400ml in 2-3 big gulps in less than 2-3 minutes

Is that wrong ? Do I really need to wait and sip it slowly ??


Well it’s almost a week

IF the scales are accurate … I’ve lost several lbs !!
Today is the first time I’ve actually felt hungry …a quick 1 scoop in 200ml as a snack sorted that :+1:

First thoughts … taste The new vanilla is absolutely fine, 2 scoops plus 400ml water
occasional lumpy bits but as I only shake it vigorously for 5 seconds ! It’s like a protein shake (as I’ve said before)
Replaced 2 meals a day and have a regular meal at dinner time
Feeling good and sleep really well (despite being on night shifts)
Seem to have extra energy too …
Will I continue … yes definitely ! (Besides I still have a few bags to use !!)
Catch up soon


I use a kitchen scale and weight everything I consume. I know this may see extreme but it’s vecome a habit. With 400 ml of water or cold coffee I add 78 grams of Huel. This equals a 300 cal meal. I add a banana if I use coffee and strawberries if I’m using water the I add a lot of ice and spin it in the blender. It makes Avery satisfying meal and allows for healthy snacks throughout the day. I’m never hungry. I do add more Huel if I know that’s all I’ll be eating that day. At 300-400 cal I have two - three a day and one meal of Whole Foods. The weight is dropping off and I’m satiated.


I succumb to temptation overnight …
I found a packet of crisps in my bag and despite my mind saying No… I ended up eating them !! Aargh !
But they were really nice :+1:

I will pretend it didn’t happen and continue my Huel journey … having just had my breakfast (2 scoops in 400ml)
I will do my weigh in later … but expect to be disappointed !
Early days yet tho …


Had a strange thing happen to me today … at lunch I had to resort to a sandwich at work … but a headache started to appear at about 1.30pm by 2.30 I had to pop in to a pharmacy to get some headache tablets … feeling quite rough, I took the opportunity to have my 400m and 2 scoops of Huel …
within 15 minutes my headache subsided and I was feeling quite energetic again !
Was it the ibuprofen ??
Or was it my serving of Huel ??

Not saying that Huel can cure headaches but it seems to have helped somewhat !!

Or maybe I was going cold turkey without my lunchtime Huel serving ???