Starting my journey on Huel

6 weeks in … with a couple of slip ups !
(By which I mean I had ‘normal’ food throughout the day)

Lost just under a stone !
Feeling full of energy
Getting much better sleep (despite me working nights every few weeks)

Soon to be 100% huel for a few weeks … let’s see what happens …

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Cycled 15 miles yesterday (luckily it wasn’t raining)… had hernia op last year and cycling was on hold for quite a while (I’ve done a few 5-8 milers with my youngest boy recently so I thought it was time to push myself a bit !) … and a arm/shoulder work out for a hour in the gym … Today arms ache, legs aren’t too bad
My food intake yesterday was 2 x 400 ml shakes with 2 scoops, (about 300 calories each) plus a sandwich in the evening and a caramel wafer !!

This mornings weigh in … Ive put on 2lbs !!! :scream:

Surely that isn’t right ?
A caramel wafer cannot weigh that much :rofl:

Going to tell myself that muscle weighs more than fat etc etc etc


You might want to skip daily weigh ins and switch to weekly (yea, I do daily). Keeping your eyes on the target is a more long range goal and you don’t want to beat yourself up every time you do something human. I lose every week no matter what single slip up I might experience.

Thanks McDude
The weigh ins slowed dramatically as I realised it’s a long term target !
I was amazed tho the weight did drop off dramatically at the beginning and levelled off when my body got used to the reduced intake !

That said … Easter holidays with the kids meant a few day trips out with the family and Huel meals went a bit awry !
Back on the routine from today :+1:

Afternoon all
Today I tried something a bit different.
Normally I make my huel and drink / consume / chug it immediately … which I thought was normal
Today I made my huel and had to wait several hours before I had the opportunity to consume it
… this 2nd version seems a lot thinker and almost like porridge … I had to add a bit of extra water so it would pour !
I’m still Not sure I like the consistency of this thicker ‘gloop’
Think I will stick to making and drinking my Huel immediately ! Now intrigued what happens in my stomach …
Opinions please … (of the consistency !! NOT my stomach)

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Has everyone heard of … ‘4 weeks in and you will notice, 8 weeks in others will notice’

Well…, Yesterday I had my first comment from a workmate !!
(Our work uniform is the least flattering uniform ever!)
I was quite taken aback ! And someone sitting nearby said he had noticed a difference but couldn’t work out why I looked different !

So … thanks to Huel :+1:
I’ve not been perfect ! Several days I have eaten ‘normal’ food or maybe over eaten? Even had the occasional chocolate bar or two
But 2 meals of huel a day on average (400ml with 2 healthy scoops)
I sleep better, I feel I have more energy and I haven’t had the urge to snack constantly !

Will have to jump on the scales to check tomorrow

So … stick with it everyone … it really does seem to work !!

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Well that was a pleasant surprise !!
Stood on the scales … that’s surely not correct?
So off I came … moved them onto a level floor and tried again …
cleaned my glasses and yes it’s true …
Now assuming the original measurement was correct … Today I have weighed in at …
Wait for it …

Drum roll please

I am a whole stone lighter than I was 7 1/2 weeks ago !!!
(It’s not as dramatic as you think … I still have plenty !!!)

I had two gym sessions this week … only a hour each and I wasn’t doing cardio, purely the heavy stuff (doing fewer reps until failure) so have aching muscles (I like to think ‘growing’?)

Next week I will be 100% huel, as I will need to be on liquid food for a couple of weeks (after a mouth operation)

So … keep it up everyone !!


Another week … and scales say … :scream: I’ve put on 1 1/2 lbs !!
Surely not !!

Not sure what happened ???
No major changes to my food intake !
Maybe cut back even further ?

I did however start last week the 100 squats a day challenge and 50 sit ups a day challenge (day 1- 3 couldnt manage to reach the targets :cry:)

So … is it the old saying that muscle is heavier than fat ?
OR …

From yesterday afternoon I went 100% Huel
Why ?
Well I had dental surgery which means I can’t have proper food for a little while …
So despite a Sainsburys order being delivered with all those nice things for the rest of the family I stuck to the plan…
So far so good … felt a bit lethargic this morning … post surgery fatigue ? … and really would like a decent cuppa ! (But not allowed that either !)
But other than that … all good
Am I hungry ? A little bit yes but a shake is looming in a couple of hours
Apart from the aches in my mouth … all good !!
Let’s see how I go …
but jumped on the scales and … surprised myself !! :+1: The last weigh in must have been an error … !

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Having had dental surgery last week I’ve been consuming Huel only for just over a week (I had a bowl of soup last night as I really fancied some real ‘food’)

Weigh in says I’ve lost … quite a bit !
Surprised myself :+1:
I’ve cut back to 300ml water and 2 scoops per meal … 5-6 times a day (basically WHEN I feel hungry … which isn’t very often !) and a top up of 1 scoop in 150ml instead of a biscuit or two
Plenty of water throughout the day …
And walking the dog daily, cycling, gym at least twice a week (for heavy weights not cardio)

I really wish I had taken before and after body pics now !!!
Even the Mrs said I had lost a little bit of weight :scream:


I’ve not been this weight for almost (dare I say) at least 15 possibly 20 years !!!
Sleeping well and feeling good ! Tho I did notice I couldn’t bench press as much recently ??
Occasional rumbles from stomach … and have times when ‘I really fancy a … (insert yummy food here)’ but … I’ve stayed with the plan and these last couple of weeks the weight has plummeted…
I have about a week left of 100% huel, I aim to do 2 meals of huel a day and one ‘normal’ food from that point onwards …


This is great you make it look very easy! Well done on your progress so far, don’t worry about the fluctuations week on week as you can see, you’re winning when you’re losing in the long run! I hope other people are inspired by your story! Keep it up!

It’s definitely not easy !
And several times I REALLY wanted a good decent meal of proper food!
Even resorted to sniffing an empty cookie wrapper and a licking fork full of mashed potato !!!
But… the dental surgery helped me as I couldn’t eat solids … (subliminally I guess this helped …!)

Dental appointment Thursday should be the deciding factor, (actually a couple days after this day) as I should be able to eat normal food IF I really wanted to !!
Hungry … yes
Drinking lots of water … yes
More exercise in the gym than I usually do … yes

But feeling GREAT !!!
Let’s hope I can keep this regime up :+1:

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If you’re losing weight you’ll be in caloric deficit. It’s normal to lose strength and a tiny bit of muscle mass during a cut. :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan … had a workout today and amazingly the weight I pushed, pulled and twisted seemed so light !
I added extra kgs and pushed way passed my usual weights in majority of the exercises … the strength it appears has come back with a vengeance !

Huel is great stuff !!!


3 months in …
I went thru a stage of 100% huel (mouth surgery) and was surprised with the results
Don’t get me wrong, I do like my food (a little too much some might say ?)
But the ease of making a ‘meal’, convenience, price and how I feel (physically).
And the best result… is the weight I’ve lost (and continue to lose)
So for me … huel will be on my daily menu from now onward …

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A little update …
Went to see my parents and they noticed a big difference in my weight ! (I think they had a distorted memory since last time I saw them :joy::rofl:) OR they have got new glasses ??

Yesterday I went to the gym for a hour and a half, a little extra punishment for having a pizza for lunch !! Then I cooked for the family, chicken Korma, really nice but … too many calories! :scream:
I dreaded this mornings weigh in … but pleasantly surprised :+1:
Would like to see another 10-12lb long term loss and I’m certain this is EASILY achievable by our summer holidays !!!

Morning all
Woke up this morning slightly achy probably from the the gym session, and despite having a large sweet and sour chicken meal, that my boy made at school, for my dinner, I was surprised at the scales this morning😱 (this has been stagnant at +/- 1lb for a week or two)
I thought I had plateau’d … BUT I’m now at my lowest weight for quite a few years !!
Not only lowest weight but stronger and feel fitter!
My BP readings have been steadily decreasing too. (Hereditary hypertension).

There is one slight problem tho …
Without a belt my trousers fall down !
And my clothes are starting to look too baggy !!
I may have to revamp my wardrobe.
Small price to pay I guess?

So … overall I’m hooked !
Who would have thought that a 52 year old slightly chubby male could turn the clocks back 10+ years :+1:


Yesterday I succumb to the evil temptation of 1/2 a pizza … and garlic bread (for those Peter Kay fans! )
AND a normal dinner !!
I expected a huge jump in weight …
BUT … I actually lost weight !
Very strange this eating and weight thing !

I don’t mind the occasional day being heavier As long as the general trend is getting lighter in the long term … then I’m happy !!

So … should I eat the remainder of the pizza today ???

Just a little update from my Huel journey

Weight loss is about 1 1/2 stone (still quite a bit to go !!.. perhaps one and a bit stone?)
And I feel great, sleep better, don’t snore anymore, stronger (gym is a regular place to visit) and generally feel better

Bad news… I had to order smaller jeans AND work uniform !
I think I may have to invest in new clothes soon !

I try to consume 2-3 Huel meals (2 scoops and 300ml water each time) plus one regular meal often a very healthy option.
With occasional fattening treat meal … so it’s not all stopping me enjoying myself

Like I said the gym is regular visiting place … but it is heavy weights and low reps so it’s not fat burning cardio

I have gone off the taste of tea (which really is shocking everyone !) as I used to drink at least 10 cups a day ! Water has replaced the majority of drinks

Lots of comments at work !!
Some people haven’t recognised me at first glance …

You really have made a difference AND I’m certain you have prolonged my life !
Huel is now a part of my life