How Many Here Are 100% Huel?

Hey guys! Just checking in - I’ve finally hit my primary goal! I’m now UNDER 14 stone, weighing in at 13.12!

The latest pounds have been slower to lose, but frankly that’s a good thing, rapid weight loss has it’s own concerns, so I’m happy with the current rate, and like I said I’ve hit my primary target, from this point on anything else is a bonus!

I feel so much lighter, working out is much easier with a full stone GONE! Plus I feel so much healthier and fitter - my belly has GONE and I’m starting to tone up, all from carefully watching my intake, all the while safe in the knowledge that I’m getting far more and better quality nutrition than I ever did before! Hooray for Huel!! :smiley:


Just thought I’d pop into this conversation with the way I take Huel, I’m 6 ft 2 and 17.5 stone but active, as in I cycle and mountain bike a lot, the story behind my weight is living too nice a lifestyle for too many years.
Anyway, I’m not 100% 7 days a week but I aim to take 100% 4 days a week, on these days I take either 11 or 13 scoops, of either natural, vanilla or mixed, I don’t weigh or add any berries or any additives, just scoop-shake and drink. The way I do this is to have a 3 scoop shake for breakfast and then 2 scoop shakes every 2 to 3 hours through the day, if it’s a lazy day I stop after 11 scoops, if I’ve been out on bike or been active I add an extra 2 scoop shake at end of day. 13 scoops = roughly 2092 cal and 11 scoops = roughly 1771, I say roughly because as I say I don’t weigh. Anyway the scoop shake and go method seems to work for me because I do enjoy the taste and consistency of huel so no problems there. The other 3 days I have the 3 scoop shake for breakfast and then 2 or 3 more 2 scoop shakes 2-3 hours apart, then have dinner, or sometimes I split it through the day and have a lunch then huel in evening, basically I always have 3 scoops for breakfast have a nice lunch or dinner and have 4-6 more scoops spread through the day in 2 scoop shakes.
Hope that makes sense and isn’t boring mumbo jumbo lol.

A wee edit here:- just to mention I don’t drink booze or sugary drinks, I only drink fizzy water with sugar free vimto or black currant cordial, so not taking on extra calories from other areas.

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I’m a similar size (or I was when I started Huel) to you at 6ft 1 and I was 17.5 stone. My excess weight was also from too much excess when it comes to nice things (mainly Wine, Cheese).

I’m trying to drop down to 100kg quite fast but I find having 3 x 3 scoops a day. @ 8am 1pm and 7pm and I am quite full for most of the day

How much water do you put in each of your shakes? as I can imagine I’d be quite stuffed if I had 11-13 scoops a day

Hi Ed,

I always put 500 ml of water in whether it is 3 scoops or 2 scoops so breakfast is generally thicker, how are you getting on with the 9 scoops per day and is that all the calories you are taking on board, I would go less but I find that on my fitness pal that 13 scoops gets me close to all my RDA for most things.
Are you losing weight quickly doing it this way?


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500ml is my preference too. It’s easiest to drink quite fast like that. I find that I can get by on the calories from 9 scoops a day but I am hungry quite often. I will occasionally have a boiler egg if I and craving solid food.

The weight really is flying off right now. I was 107.2 yesterday and 106.2 this morning. I know this is very unhealthy and I will up my in take in around 10 days to slow my weight loss down a bit

Hi Ed,

Its interesting to hear how you are getting on, I haven’t been weighing myself but I feel a lot better. I’m not sure how healthy it is or isn’t but I’d be careful not to starve yourself ahand maybe with popping a multivitamin just to be sure.
the weight loss you are having is phenomenal, keep it up.
I will weigh myself next week and let you know the rate of weight loss or not I am having by consuming the amounts that I am.

Going back to the cost of Huel discussion…

I think you have to compare apples to apples. Comparing a bad diet cost to Huel isn’t really that fair. It’s interesting though, I tell people it could cost me £45 a month if I ate JUST Huel. Some people think it’s cheap, some expensive. Yesterday when I said to someone who thought it was cheap that others think differently, he suggested they probably don’t have a grip of their food bills!

Either way, have a look at this:

You can see here how much effort and planning was put into trying to hit the macros of Huel (trust me, that took time!). Look at the ingredients in there, for example one meal:

Chicken – Breast, meat only, cooked, roasted
Morrisons – Organic British Free Range Eggs
Tesco – Pink Lady Apples, 1 typical Apple
Morrisons – Banana

The ingredients above probably cost similar if you were to buy quality ingredients. Eggs are £0.20p, a banana £0.20, an apple £0.30, and the chicken a minimum of £0.50.

Having said that, I value my time more than my money - eating correctly takes at least an hour a day in cleaning, food prep, shopping, eating. Let’s assume you spent that hour working an extra hour at work - that’s £7.20 as a minimum.

Personally, I spend my spare hour trawling internet forums apparently…


Hi Pookey,

i am guessing that you actually mean £145 a month to eat only huel which is still reasonable if you compare it to anything else out there, otherwise you need to explain to me how you do it.

Oh yes, Thanks @elbob - I meant per week! You’re right though, when you bulk buy (which I do) it’s even cheaper!

Shout out to MYfitnesspal as well such a great app been using it for nearly two months

It’s not money on its own but I have a huge metabolism. I used to literally eat the amount 4 grown men would have, and to put that into perspective I am 66kg 5’7… I’m pretty active. But I don’t know I never seemed to put on weight despite the crap I used to throw into my body I am slowly getting myself down to 2 x 3 scoop huel meals a day plus a salad at work but when I first started huel I was on 15 scoops a day minimum. I was 70kg so I’ve lost some weight around the midsection but there wasn’t a lot there despite my personal thoughts on it.

[quote=“AlexT, post:7, topic:2881”]Personally, if I had some kind of mythical food bouncer to stop me for a day or two, then I could manage it after that, however, the willpower needed for the first few days eludes me!

You have hit on an amazing idea for a start-up business. :sunglasses:

So far I had every intention of going 100% and never got there. For a start I’d need 600g per day which is a hell of a lot of huel when it is so filling.

I’ve so far gotten onto probably 4 days a week (I always forget once) of Huel for Breakfast and Dinner, I’m also adding in a scoop of bulk powders toffee popcorn so I’m getting 120g of protein from the two meals which has reduced my muscle aches a lot from my job (guess I’ve been deficient) and…wow huel plus whey toffee popcorn is delicious

Well, I fell off the wagon for a bit, Christmas with family was tough what with all the food about and forced social norms, so switched back to 75%… Huel through the day and solid food in the evenings… very tough to stop eating solids once you start again, was eating (lots) in the evenings mostly through January… put on almost a stone… but I’ve recommitted and am back on 100% again, all stocked up for the month!! :smile: