Aiding my weight loss goals with Huel


I’ve been eating at a daily 500 calorie deficit and feel fine with that.

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Weight update: 12 stone 8.25 pounds - so that’s 4.25 pounds lost since last Wednesday. Today’s the first day I had Huel for breakfast and for lunch, was surprised how much it filled me up for breakfast and found I wasn’t hungry for a lot longer than I would have done had I had my usual overnight oats.

Breakfast: 2 scoops Vanilla Huel, 80g frozen cherries, 25g frozen blueberries
Lunch: 2 scoops of Mint Choc Chip Huel


The weight loss has really stagnated this week, but I’m not letting it get to me too much. I have fluctuated so much this week, I was up a pound yesterday from Saturday’s weigh in. I’ve not even been cheating which is the annoying part! I’ve levelled out again but hoping I can at least report a 1 pound loss tomorrow for this week.

Been doing my usual Huel for breakfast and lunch, and then having a 500 cal dinner in the evenings. Been reading a lot about NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and I think I may just need to make sure I get up more from my desk as much as I can.

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Day 14 and I’m now half a stone down - feeling good today and really motivated to carry on. This is really working for me! :sweat_smile:


Weight fluctuates a lot day to day so look at the long term trends and don’t become dissuaded. Keep logging your calories using MFP or another tracker app and keeping to your deficit and you should lose weight. Cardio and resistance exercises help a lot too!


It’s interesting to see the fluctuations day to day - not dissuaded, I guess when it’s a few days on the trot that it’s going up you kind of feel like you may be doing something to cause it! Log calories into MFP everyday to keep track, and I do cardio everyday (except Fridays, that’s my rest day!) :slight_smile:


Honestly, my weight is all over the place - up one day, down the next but its heading in a general downwards direction so I’m happy with that.
I weigh myself every day and I could easily get disheartened by the number on the scales but I know the odd pound on or off will happen during the week. Its the overall picture i’m looking at.
Keep going, you’re doing brilliantly.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve found the same, up one day, down the next, and then all of a sudden it will just drop a little further. I keep a spreadsheet just so I can see which days of lost and ‘gained’ too as find that quite interesting to see. I do log my weight in MFP everyday too, but I like to just see all the numbers on the screen - calorie intake, weight, how much exercise I did, how much I have left to lose :nerd_face:

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Day 19 (which was Saturday) weighed in at 12 Stone 6 - so thats only half a pound down this week although been fluctuating around the 5 pound mark.

Day 20 (yesterday) weighed in at 12 Stone 4.25 pound (which I was rather excited about)

Day 21 (today) weighed in at 12 Stone 5.25 - I’m not disheartened as I’m fluctuating the right way, which is DOWNNNNN! :joy:


Keep smashing it! So pleased to see this steady progress in the right direction, definitely the safest and most sustainable way. How is the Huel going?

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Thanks Tim :slight_smile: slowly but surely, and I know I’m being healthy with it too. As a vegan I was always concerned that I wasn’t getting enough of the right thing in my diet, but I worry about this less now with Huel!

I’m coming towards the end of my current bags so will be ordering some more tomorrow, think I’m going to go with a bag of U/U as I’m starting to find the vanilla a bit too sweet. Heard others mixing half vanilla and half U/U so going to give that and some of the flavour boosts a try. Other than that, going great!


A lot of us mix Original and UU. 50/50 or even more diluted…


I have mixed Original/UU 35g/65g today and it’s still very sweet. Will use less Original tomorrow.


I did 25g/50g this morning and it wasn’t bad at all!

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25g/75g + 3g mocha fs - perfect!

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I wouldn’t worry about being nosy on here! If we didn’t want to talk about our diets we’d be on the wrong forum!

@DaniW well done keep it up


Oh good! I’m glad to hear that :blush:

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Got my huel delivery, currently having a tea of half and half vanilla and unsweetened, with a toffee flavour boost - ain’t half bad! I’m off work today and tomorrow, so we had lunch out. My husband wanted pizza hut, and I was really good and just had the veggie flatbread which was 350 cal and salad from the salad bar :innocent: I thought I was very restrained!

Back to my weekend weight of 12 stone 4.25 this morning so heading in the right direction.


Well done you! :sunglasses:


Well done @DaniW You’re doing brilliantly.

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