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Hi just bought the vanilla been using for 5 days, like the overall taste, consistency etc even lost 2lb whoop :raised_hands: but what I’m struggling with is the added artificial sweeteners :nauseated_face: don’t see the need for it at all, considering it’s gluten free, well balanced healthy etc etc I’m a bit shocked it’s in there ? Do they do a version without it? I must check as it was a shock to find sucroalose in there. Anyway that’s my winge ha ha, on a good note though I’m hitting my protein goals which I was struggling with (vegetarian with poor appetite) plus my appetite has improved slightly, so I’m enjoying a healthy evening meal with Huel as my brunch, which is why I’m trying it out. X

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Hi Kat. When you ordered your vanilla Huel did you notice an Unflavoured & Unsweetened option in there? Some of us buy that and either have on its own or mix 50/50 with Vanilla or Original to tone down the sweetness. You can blend U&U with fruit and/or a little honey if you want a more natural sweetness.
BTW are you in UK or USA? I’m assuming UK.

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I’m in the UK Hi I didn’t read the labels so my bad :joy: but yes my next order I will double check and add my own vanilla. But hey other than that I’m really happy, with it, my diet has been quite poor lately, due to health issues and I’ve gain a few pounds, so my son suggested Huel. it was just a personal moan :rofl: I hate sweetener :nauseated_face: I’ve found adding half a tea spoon of instant coffee takes the sweetness away and also makes it taste amazing so I’ll manage to the end of the bag ha ha



Glad you’re enjoying Huel and have started to lose a bit of weight. If you have a peruse of the forum, use of the search function is helpful, you will find lots of flavouring and weight loss tips here. Good luck! :grinning:

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Thanks Bee x

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For clarity:


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There are indeed a lot of people drinking Huel to add in their weight loss so plenty
of ideas and advice waiting to be found.
Regarding the flavour, here is an interesting post and certainly check out the replies :wink:
How do you flavour your Huel ? - by @TimOfficialHuel

Yes, instant coffee is one of my favourites and cacao powder as well.
Personally, I don’t really mind the sweetness but I can imagine it’s a bit too much for some. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks :pray:t3:

Hubbys just pleased I’m getting some decent nutrition instead of a bowl of soup and a roll :rofl: followed by a packet of hobnobs :flushed:

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