New To Huel Experience

Hi All,

I’m new to this product and I’m looking to start the vanilla powder on Monday. I want to use this product to start loosing weight and to stop having unhealthy treats/food.

I’m currntly 14st and 42 years old.

What would you guys recommend I start off doing ? 1 shake a day and a night meal or 2 shakes with a evening meal. How many scoops to water ! Clearly I’m looking to reduce my tea and coffee intake as well and changing this to more water. I will also be walking on a tread mill for 5k a couple of times a week.

Any help or advice would be great guys to start me off with.

They say it’s best to start slow so your body can get used to the Huel 1 shake and 2 meals. I do 2 shakes and 1 meal a day and find it very doable. 100g is 400 calories and I do 500ml per 100g.

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Depending on your job, I’d recommend this:

  1. Skip breakfast
  2. Have a black coffee to ward of hunger around 10am or whenever you need it, but not within 1 hour of waking as messes with the bodies natural cortisol levels (plus, 1-2 coffees a day are shown to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s and some cancers).
  3. Have a 100g Huel with 500ml water at 12pm.
  4. Have a healthy meal mid-afternoon or a healthy snack/s.
  5. Healthy evening dinner.
  6. Cut out as much sugar, processed foods and alcohol as possible.

When you’ve been on Huel around 2 weeks, substitute your mid-afternoon meal for another Huel shake instead if you want the convenience.

That’s roughly what I do!


I jumped right in and started 100%. I’m doing okay. I know that isn’t what is advised. But after watching some revìews on YouTube I decided to go for it. I’ve had no problems. Best listen to the experts here though. I’m on my third day. 67 years old. Am I the oldest?