Thoughts after finishing my first full bag

Well, almost. There is about enough Huel left in the first bag for 1 more portion.

I ordered 4 bags on the 14th of June. 2 vanilla/2 Un/Un. I tried the vanilla first, boy was that sweet! I mixed with Un/Un and that was ok but needed something else to make it to my personal taste. Thus ensued a few days of trial and error and finally i found what worked for me. 150ml milk, 150ml water, 1 scoop vanilla/1 scoop un/un as i found just vanilla too sweet for my, and a little something for flavour, such as nutella, peanut butter, mixed nuts or seeds or dried fruit. At first i needed something to chew or i didn’t feel like i’d eaten anything.

I began to notice a not so nice taste in my mouth when using vanilla. So i switched to just un/un and it’s been great.

I have lost a stone in weight since the day I ordered, and feel much more energetic.

I have joined a Zumba class, started running again (hit 4 mins non stop yesterday, this may be a small thing, but it’s a big thing to me!) and joined a weight training class. I even entered an Ultra Marathon next year, and plan to use Huel along the way.

I have noticed my acid reflux is not as bad as it used to be, and my IBS has settled down after giving me grief for nearly a year.

My shopping bill is also slightly lower, we only really need to go shopping for stuff for the kids when they are home. (they spend 2-3 nights a week with their dad) and for the odd bag of dried fruit or nuts to add to the Huel as and when I feel like it.

My husband has been using the vanilla Huel and has found it pretty good going, and has lost a few lb too (he is unable to work out at the moment due to physical limitations from disabilities and joint issues) but he has gone from 18 stone 13.6 to 18 stone 7.6 in a week.

So tomorrow I start my 2nd bag of Un/Un, and soon I place a subscription order.

So, yeah. Two happy Huelers here. :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit! I loved your post!

There are a few full on moaners on these forums who are clearly trolling. They are either the competition or they’ve been butt-hurt and are taking it out on people who are getting ahead with trying to be healthier.

The reality is that when you combine a balanced diet (be it Huel or actual food) with a healthy deficit (normally 500 calories less than your maintenance) and take regular exercise (cardio and weights); you lose body fat and you increase lean muscle mass.

Dying to keep an eye on your journey!

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