Huel Black taste

I was actually physically sick when I tried v2.3 original…I have never had this reaction to any food I’ve tried in my life before. God it tasted awful, threw up on the first mouthful and I never tried again. :nauseated_face:

The only Huel flavour I get on with is chocolate. The other flavours I have tried - UU, mint choc, banana, vanilla, Berry, flavour boosts…I have not liked them but they weren’t disgusting (unlike original), just not to my tastes. I don’t do anything fancy with my Chocolate huel - just water. I can drink at room temp or from fridge. We are definitely all different, seeing some here say they find UU delicious says it all really! As said above if I wasn’t happy with any flavours I would just move to a different brand. There is no pleasing everybody. You either make it work if you can be bothered or move on. :nerd_face:

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Tried vanilla first, found it to be more artificial tasting. Thought chocolate was slightly more palatable but still pretty bad, tastes more like dark choc rather than milk choc if that’s your thing.

Anyhow it’s clear taste is subjective (as to be expected) so endless debating over personal preferences is a bit pointless.

Those making the point that if you don’t like Huel you should just move on I guess is fine for a new customer trying it out for the first time.

My frustration stems from the fact that I’m a long time consumer of the original flavour that Huel first introduced and got me hooked on. It worked wonders for me and I couldn’t have been happier relying on it for pretty much 100% of my daily food source.

As it looks to be simply a matter of time before it’s phased out now, the thought of having no choice but to start from scratch and try to find an alternative way to supply my entire dietary intake that’s just as healthy, convenient, cost effective, eco friendly etc is daunting to say the least, seemingly impossible in fact.

Didn’t mean to come here and poo on everyones Huel party though :poop: feel like I’m bringing too much negativity to the forums so gonna withdraw and wish you all well, no hard feelings! :grinning:

I agree original huel flavour seems to me to be the most viable for long term usage, with banana being the second choice. I do wonder if adapting to unflavoured/unsweetened v.30 and experimenting with sweetener/vanilla independently to find an equally pleasant experience might work, rather than trying to find a non-huel alternative from scratch.

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I’ve been making my black chocolate with two scoops in 480ml of water. I use a hand blender so it’s super smooth. The first one I made I used 510ml and this was instantly obvious that I had added way too much water. I don’t add anything else because for me it would defeat one of the main advantages of eating this food. I’m not a huge fan of the taste, but it’s ok. The first mouthful isn’t great and I try to not smell it, but after a couple of gulps it goes down nice. My only real complaint is that it’s very salty and the black vanilla is even saltier. It’s not as salty as that white version we had a couple of years ago though, v2.0 I think it was, or it might have been an earlier one

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