Chocolate flavour bitter and medicine like


Loving the vanilla flavour, but I also got the Chocolate one and I am a little disappointed, it tastes very bitter but not in a “it tastes like bitter dark chocolate” kinda of way. I think it tastes like paracetamol with a hint of chocolate after taste. Would love for it to be a tad sweeter for future versions.

Also anyone have tips on how to get a sweeter more chocolate flavour without all the sugar and calories???


Adding oat milk (Oatly is the best imo) or a plant milk of your choice (some are very low in calories) plus cacao powder makes a difference. If you find cacao too bitter you can find cocoa powder with sweeteners in most supermarkets - that might be more to your taste. The plant milk makes a massive difference though - I use roughly 1/3rd plant milk and 2/3rds water


Hey there, thanks for the comments and sorry that you aren’t loving the Chocolate Huel. We’ve certainly picked up a few comments here on the forum about that and are keeping a close eye on it whilst not having a knee jerk reaction. Thanks for the +1, we’re reading all of it.


Reading this now I realized I had my first 3.0 chocolate shake today. While drinking it I didn’t notice anything special and didn’t think about the fact that it was 3.0 instead of the previous version. It’s been a while since I last had that one but I’ve been drinking Huel black chocolate in the meantime. I guess I didn’t taste any difference, all three have a very similar chocolate taste in my opinion (not spectacular, but fine). I love to add some carob powder for a fuller flavor, but I forgot to add that this morning.

I agree, don’t like the chocolate flavour as well. There is some weird aftertaste. You can reduce that by putting your shake in the refrigerator for a night, by adding flavour boosts like chocolate cherry or adding coffee and by mixing it with Huel White Vanilla because that is way sweeter.

I have the chocolate huel with a could espresso. I make it the night before and put it in the fridge for breakfast no nasty aftertaste and a nice way to start the day coffee and hule on the way to work.

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The taste for me for even worse when I added the oat milk, guess I will try again but with a banana.

Its awwful! Improve it please!

I’ve only tried v2.3 chocolate which I didn’t think tasted of chocolate. I’ve not tried v3 chocolate and don’t intend to. I like Unflavoured better and I add my own cacao :yum:

Thanks for the tip. on the UK site they have run out of the unflavoured version so I got the chocolate which was a big mistake. I am going to give it a go later this week again but with bananas and I’ll also add cacao. Don’t understand why they didn’t just use cacao in the first place its so much better than cocoa powder. I’ll let you know how it goes, I am also going to try it with cacao powder after I have tried the banana with the Vanilla today.

Just a quick update, I preferred adding banana to the Vanilla and then some cacao powder. I find the unflavoured is good but I find myself having to add too much sweetener to that. The banana flavour is good too, I don’t get the aftertaste with that.

Just to add some difference of opinion…

Recently finished my first bag of v3.0 Chocolate. Didn’t cause any immediate alarm or disgust in the taste department, though I’m a long term user of sports supplements; protein shakes, protein bars, carb gels, electrolytes etc., which all usually have that “artificial” undertone to them. You get used to it after x amount of years I guess.

I can empathise with people that may be conditioned to the taste of a bar of Galaxy or Cadbury’s chocolate; if you were hoping for that experience, I’d imagine you were less than impressed.

For me, whilst I prefer the new vanilla taste (reminds me of vanilla ice cream!) over the chocolate, if vanilla was out of stock, I’d happily order chocolate as a substitute.