New To Huel, Coffee Flavour how can I improve it?


I am new to Huel, So I bought the coffee flavour, I usually 1 coffee a day in the morning, So i bough this bag, and the Mint Choc chip.

The Coffee is vile, like drinking blended cardboard, I have a full bag so don’t really want to waste it, If you have any tips to make it less grim, im all ears.

I use ice so its like a coffee smoothy, albeit not that great…


try adding to it things that you are familiar with and like with your coffee - more coffee, milk, caramel - whatever takes your fancy - then ween yourself off of that reducing the additions until your taste buds become accustomed to the new tastes of the Huel product.

I added a few spoons of instant coffee (didn’t want to waste the good stuff!) and also had a ratio of about 75% water 25% milk. Found it to be a lot better after that

Cheers for your suggestion Graeme. Ive been adding a shot of espresso to it, Its strange I dont think it tastes like coffee at all, I always make it with water to so may try the milk addition…

Will complete it as seems a waste to throw it away…

Do you like bananas? If yes and you have a blender you could try blending a small banana, or some other fruit you like the taste of, in it.
Plant milks are good. I like Oatly barista as it’s really creamy and goes well with coffee (the drink) so could make a difference.
A spoonful of cacao/cocoa powder will turn it into a mocha flavoured shake.
If you like the mint choc flavour Huel try doing 50/50 with your coffee Huel.

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