Suggestions to completely alter the taste

Just looked at the linked page … and I can see an order being placed soon !! I love hot chillis !!!
And chilli Chocolate … yum yum

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If you like the brand, the sepulchre one was good…it’s not as hot as this - chipotle and orange and had a good depth of flavour.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

I just got home from work to try my leftover Huel again from last night, and to my surprise it tastes a lot less worse than yesterday after I left it in de fridge for a day. This gives me hope that it is still possible to consume it without hating it. My plan is to make a batch mixed with peaches and leave it in the fridge for tomorrow, hoping I will have a better dinner than yesterday. I’ll let you guys know how it goes! :smile: If I like it I will definitely try some of your suggestions.


Anyone here can tell you I’m a fan but my big fat Huel secret is that I didn’t enjoy my first few either. Just wait til you get addicted to feeling happy and healthy and you’ll be surprised at yourself actually enjoying the flavour too



Huel is plain and my first reaction was eww…cold readdie brek!

One I think your taste buds get used to a less strong flavour palatte. Plus there are ways of improving it.

for me blending over shaking.
leaving overnight in the fredge, more creamy.


Finally uu with mint choc for an dark aero bar fix!


I hated the flavour the first time I tried it and was almost sick. I bought the mocha booster and had that everytime with it, but these days I bloody love the original flavour which is funny. It tastes so creamy and good now, but it definitely was an acquired taste as I thought it was initially disgusting.


So sorry you’re having issues with your first few Huels. There are some great bits of advice here so far:

Possibly this, but let’s get the blend right first.

Not this! @andeem don’t give up so soon!!

This :point_down:

I agree, you’ve not added enough water. 400ml water, 3 scoops, shake, 170ml water, reshake. Shake up, down, left, right and rotationally. My shaking is pretty aggressive. So 1g of Huel, 5ml of water.

Other stuff, leave in the fridge for a few hours, or over night if you’re having Huel for breakfast. The texture completely changes.

I’m surprised to hear the smell makes you dry heave and a few sips makes you want to vomit. If it’s too sweet then get involved with our Unflavoured and add 50:50.

Other tips here:


I spotted something in Morrisons (other supermarkets are available) it was food flavouring !! In the baking section …
It was a small salted caramel bottle :+1: for £1.00 … gotta try this I thought​:thinking:
Several big drops in my usual Vanilla Huel and shake … ohhh my word … what an I say ??
Absolutely fantastic !!
May stick a few more drops in next time as I love the taste of salted caramel (and vanilla)
I wanted another shake … not because I was hungry, I just loved the taste !!!

It may not be to everyone’s taste or liking BUT I’m going to be buying a few more flavouring bottles for £1.00 !!
I spotted lemon, and an almond bottle too … could be worth a try !!

No idea what calorific value these add, or the E numbers, or even how much to put in …
but I liked it :+1:

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That reminds me of my first time.


I have used this exact same stuff, and also the American peppermint and French Almond ones. They are all good. Don’t think You can get a salted caramel anywhere else apart from Morrisons. The calories will be negligible.

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Anyone else would still be commenting about Huel but I know your style Rozdoba


Huel Experiment Report

3 scoops standard vanilla huel
500ml cold water
3 tsp Bovril
30ml hot water


  1. Prepare huel in the normal way.
  2. Dissolve Bovril in the hot water.
  3. Add Bovril to huel.
  4. Shake vigorously.

Chunder blunder. There is no god.

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Tesco do their own version. It’s great with original Huel and cocoa powder.

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I tried the strawberry one of these a year or two back, but wasn’t impressed. Think the same went for caramel too.

I didn’t do a lot of experimenting though.

My first victory! :grin: :tada:


I added a peach and left it in the fridge overnight, tasted way better. Three scoops, 600ml water, one peach. The peach was barely noticable though. Still didn’t love the taste, but it wasn’t that bad. Gonna experiment with more flavours.


Tesco has a larger salted caramel flavour small bottle in the baking section
They also had almond and lemon … tempted

They also do Orange and they sell Dr Oetker Peppermint flavouring. These both taste great in original Huel with cocoa powder.

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I mix it with unflavoured/unsweetened and also try the flavour systems. Personal favourites are banana, chocolate and mocha. Absolutely delicious. Sorry you’re not enjoying it!! Hopefully cooking with it, or adding something else will make it better. You can also add fruit and make a huel based smoothie. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I didn’t enjoy my first Huel either, for me it was the sweetener taste. But with some tweaks I have got a blend I now really enjoy - I think also my body has learned to recognise it as ‘good stuff’.

I do 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop unflavoured, 1 teaspoon raw cocao powder, 300ml of filtered water, 100ml of Alpro coconut - blending is best, but I currently just shake (lazy) and then leave in the fridge overnight.

Hope your experimentation is going well! :slight_smile:


Tried a new taste today …
Sainsburys had almond flavouring :thinking: I thought of cherry bakewells and decided to give it a go

Not quite as I imagined and may take a little trial and error on the mix
But … not too bad !

I spotted lemon flavouring too… but wasn’t quite that brave … yet !