Not improved huel

I have always been a fan of huel, been using it for over a year and it’s helped me with my health, diet and with my gym life. I’ve always been creative with huel making milkshakes and smoothies. Recommending to others. I recently bought my next batch of huel, and it said ‘new and improved’ on the packet. I was okay, nice! Used the chocolate flavouring with huel and i thought it was the chocolate flavouring which was over powering. I couldn’t finish it at all. Next day, just had the huel without any flavouring and realised it was the huel itself! Such a strong, and overpowering after taste! I can’t get rid of the taste, no matter what i make with it! What change in the ingredients made this horrible aftertaste? I am stuck with an opened bag of huel and the other unopened that i won’t use now. Makes me sad, because i wish to continue use their product but, can’t with the new and improved product. :frowning: Anyine experiencing the same?

Loads of people feel the same, there’s many threads on the issue.

You can return unopened bags to Huel. As for your opened bag, I recommend 50/50 mixing with the old, original vanilla if you have any.

Unfortunately not. But good to know i can return the bag

Hey there, obviously really sorry that you aren’t getting along with our New and Improved. We knew it was a large change in flavour that some would love and others wouldn’t be so keen on.

As stated above you can return them, but we still sell the Original Vanilla you like. So be sure to ask for an exchange and we can send out v2.3 Original, which will be the same vanilla flavour you are used to :+1:

It’s a great relief that the original flavour is still available. The new one tastes to me like a mix of fry’s Turkish delight and cough medicine and is difficult to drink a whole shake. It does actually feel to me like medicine that one has to force down because you know it’s good for you.

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I didn’t like V2.3 initially… but it’s starting to grow on me after working my way through a bag of it over the course of the last week or so.

This stuff still tastes better than any of the vegan protein powders I’ve tried previously.