Less sweet without adding unflavoured?


Hey huelers!

Just bought and drank my first huel (original plain vanilla)… but it’s wayyyy too sweet for me!

already got 4 packs of vanilla (purchased 2 other cheaper packs from ebay) so i don’t want to risk to buy unflavoured ones if i’m already unable to finish these :nauseated_face: though I would have wanted to do a 100% huel diet…

what could add to make it less overwhelming? I thought about mixing 2 scoops with one of two serving of soy yogurt (as I’m vegan) but i don’t want to eat too much soy either…

Thanks in advance!


Raw cocoa powder helps a lot with the sweetness


Half a pint of lime juice and a dash of lemon.


I add some breakfast cereal, the bran or wholegrain kind, and hot milk or water. Eat w. spoon . Yum!