Day 1 and I'm disappointed

Started with 2 scoops of vanilla and the chocolate flavour boaster.

It’s really sweet and synthetic :frowning:

Any tips to make it less sweet?

So sorry to hear you’re disappointed Amy. There are absolutely ways to make Huel less sweet, but it can be a little trickier (than making Huel sweeter).

  • The Flavour Boosts contain sweetener - in addition to the sweetener in Vanilla. Ceasing to use the Flavour Boost will help.
  • Use ice to chill your Huel - I find chilled Huel reduces sweetness, you could also refrigerate it the night before
  • Add coffee
  • Mixing 50:50 - with our Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel.
  • Using Unflavoured Huel

I hope these help, clearly the final two won’t help if you don’t have Unflavoured, but hopefully the others will produced the desired effect. Let us know how you get along!

I’m also on day 1 and really enjoyed my Huel this morning. I just used the Vanilla, used the shaker and left it in the fridge overnight. I didn’t find it too sweet and I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

I have something similar - the chocolate flavour booster is too sweet for me.

I would agree with @Tim_Huel regarding coffee…that’s what I go for in the mornings.

Otherwise, the matcha flavour boost seems to take the sweet edge off, as does cacao powder.

@PaulKent’s suggestion of leaving it in the fridge overnight really does help.

I tried vanilla huel blended with 4 strawberries and some ice cubes this morning. So much better!!!

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How much cacoa powder do you use?

It was the chocolate one. I used the whole sachet from the taster/trial pack!

I use one heaped teaspon for a 3-scoop meal, slightly above level for a 2-scoop.

2 questions,

-Cold food or drinks last less in the stomach. Could affect that to the intake nutrition of Huel?

Another question.

-Huel has a ot of fiber, is it recommended to let it absorb the water a couple of minutes or there is no change in this to improve the nutrition?

I have never tried the flavored. I go gluten free unsweetened. It tastes very plain, but it’s not going to make you vomit with disgust. go plain in the future.


I’m on my first week of Huel. Ordered both the vanilla and the unsweetened.

As suggested on many posts I started with the vanilla. My say I hated every minute of it. But drank the whole bottle. Took an hour.

The following day I was feeling sick at the thought of trying again. But try I did with the unsweetened.

Tried it and liked it.

However after a few days I’ve discovered that leaving it in the fridge overnight is the best things. And the flavour enhancers work. I just avoid the vanilla. It’s took strong.

To change the flavour of vanilla huel I use 3 tea spoons of cheap coffee granuals, this makes it less sweet.

Very impressed with anyone who can drink unsweetened without adding flavour, I find it very bland but I know there’s an ever-growing group of you out there! As mentioned, refrigerating Huel for even an hour or two can take the edge off the vanilla (not sure why anyone would though, I love it sweet :honey_pot: :heart_eyes:)

Nope, I certainly can’t do it…although not tried it for a while.