First time trying Huel, how to prevent artificial sweetener taste


I don’t know how I can respond to that without making it worse. Apart from to say that I’ve just dixcovered I don’t have any uu right now. I have original vanilla, new and improved vanilla and berry. Finished up my coffee this morning. :frowning:


That’s okay! It’s the thought that counts, thank you!

My bf actually bought me a new blender, bless him! So going to try out some more mixes :smile:



Mixed 2 scoops vanilla with a banana and it was a bit too much banana.

Mixed 1 scoop vanilla with 1 scoop Berry and half a banana and its my favourite so far and I think I might be able to finish a full one. Will try this one for lunch tomorrow.


Mint chocolate is a real winner. Or chocolate orange. Every now and then I try to get them to bring out a pizza flavour boost, just for laughs. Although I love pizza, I’m not sure it would work as a flavour for Huel.


I’m happy to send you some berry.

Sounds a bit wrong.


Err…they already have berry.


Haha yes, I already have Berry! :grin:

I’m interested to try more savory flavours! Though I can’t come up with anything that doesn’t sound terrible off the top of my head.


Peanut butter?


Sorry, I’ve clearly lost the plot. Check back with me in 6 months I might be sane and fully functioning again by then!


@Hunzas your posts are the best :joy:


@katmog loads of savoury things work well with the U/U so I’d recommend going for that one next time.
I haven’t found a way to get through the berry one… it tastes terrible to me!
I’m going to try adding cacao powder though and see if that works.
I’ll let you know.
If you find a way to make the berry flavour drinkable that doesn’t involve bananas, I’d be interested to hear


You’ll regret saying that I expect. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed :smile:


i have no solution for your current query but next time go unsweetened and put your own goodies in it :slight_smile:


@Katmog you may have discovered this already but I’ve found refridgerating for 8-24hrs drastically improves the flavour of the sweetened versions IF like you and me you find it too intense - it kind of mellows it out a bit. Other people have complained the flavour is too weak if left in the fridge but I’ve found that it makes it more drinkable.
The U/U however is best drunk immediately at room temperature (i make it with filtered water so it’s already room temp) and is pretty undrinkable if left for a couple hrs and even worse if refridgerated.
Freshly made however it’s very pleasant, and I prefer it to the flavoured versions.

Hope this helps!


I’ve found the Berry to be tolerable after being left overnight, but I can’t say new vanilla improved!

I’m currently doing 2 scoops Berry and half a scoop new vanilla and I’m starting to not mind it. I’m aiming to at least finish the berry before ordering unsweetened :slight_smile:


haha im the other way around - I have found no way to make the berry tolerable! New vanilla im actually getting used to however. I’ve got the original vanilla coming today as I want to try it out of interest - some people say its sweeter and more artificial, and others say the opposite!
I’m interested to see…


I have included original in next month’s order. Hope you enjoy yours. Have you tried berry with 100g frozen mixed berries blended in?


@bee I dont have a blender so I am a shaker-only Hueller :wink:
Thanks for the tip though
I love U/U with berry juice but berry juice is expensive and Im not sure I want to add it to Berry Huel in case it gets wasted… TBH the berry was so bad i havent even managed to get myself to go near the bag again :rofl: it’s been banished to the bottom of the stairs


It would no doubt work if you defrosted and mashed the berries first. I buy frozen wonky berries from Morrison’s quite cheaply. I often defrost and use with yogurt for a dessert.