tried mixing with coffee…fruit…honey etc but for the life of me I cant stomach the taste of Huel…
anyone else persevered and found ti got better…

I am an ex egg and chip man so i guess i need to re educate my palette but I am finding it hard?

Making it with milk, peanut butter and nutella. Even with all that I still find it really oaty.

Are you using the Vanilla? Could it be the vanilla sweetness (with the added sweetness on top) is turning your stomach?

Hey David, so sorry you aren’t getting along well with Huel. Huel certainly isn’t like a good plate of egg and chips but we can make this work. It seems like you’ve tried some good options. Taste is so subjective and it’s difficult to get the balance right between quality, healthy core ingredients and a delicious taste and texture. At Huel we are nutrition first, taste second.

But fear not! There is still plenty of ideas we can try. I would recommend getting your hands on some unflavoured Huel and try that, perhaps mixing 50/50 with vanilla. Try chilling your Huel too. I’m sure the Forum will rally with some other great ideas, as they have already!

Try putting it in the fridge for a few hours if you haven’t already - tastes so good. And/or try making it thicker/thinner, I personally love it real thick and chilled all morning.

Put it in a blender with some eggs and chips.


I agree the taste is awful (I have only tried vanilla) but what does make it taste a bit better in my experience is leaving it in the fridge overnight. I just neck the bottle as fast as possible usually

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I always do an overnighter…taste and texture so much better.

I just overpower the taste with toffee flavouring.

We appreciate your brutal honesty :slight_smile:

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The toffee flavourings aren’t strong enough IMHO… 1 flavour pouch per meal seems excessive. shame really I love the idea of it.

Seriously though…how much toffee do you use? I tried my protein drops too…just don’t quite work.

I use a “squirt” of the MyProtein flav drops. Does the trick for me.

I don’t like the Huel flavour pouches.

@hunzas The toffee flavouring is actually one of my favourites, but you do have to put in extra. I use 1tsp for 125g of Huel vanilla. It doesn’t so much taste like toffee as giving Huel an indulgent and creamier sweetness. I don’t have my toffee Huel and think of sweet shops but it adds a pleasant and different sweetness!


I love toffee flavour…but none of the toffee flavours really replicate it, but I guess even you said it doesn’t taste of toffee but gives an indulgent and creamier sweetness. Sounds nice, but not quite what I’m looking for…and the my protein ones aren’t punchy enough either. will be trying the Matcha one at some point, although currently have some real matcha tea Im using.

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I admit that I initially didn’t like the taste of Huel, but after a while a) I got used to it and even started to like it and b) I found the new sweetened formula was much more to my liking. I now really enjoy it. It is definitely an acquired taste, but I agree with others who’ve suggested the unsweetened.

Leaving it in the fridge over night definitely makes a huge difference to the taste. Half a teaspoon of chocolate flavour system and leaving to chill over night makes it not only tolerable but really enjoyable!

I use the vanilla Huel, mix with almond or coconut milk. Add coffee for morning, chocolate Huel flavour and a banana for lunch. Always use a blender and chill overnight in fridge.

I find that if you blend the huel and chill it in the fridge then it tastes so much better.

Adding the toffee flavoring also really helps sweeten it up a bit.

I actually quite like the taste of it now!