Firstweek on Huel

Hi folks, I have just completed my first week on Huel, 2 a day plus a regular meal. I’m still playing about to find my perfect amount. (3 scoops too much, 2 scoops too little and I get hungry)

I’m doing this to feel better and to lose weight so I am delighted to announce that in my first week I have lost…

drum roll


Abdolutely delighted! The cramps and occasional dodgy tummy were worth it, and have finally settled :grin:

Long may this continue!


Wow, well done you - 10lbs is a lot!

I wouldn’t expect loss at that rate to continue but instead aim for and be happy with 1-2lbs a week now you’ve had such a brilliant start.

Any idea how much you want to lose in total? What other benefits are you seeing?

I’m on week 2 and have lost 2kg. I started Huel because I’m having terrible stomach/digestion issues (awaiting endoscopy - deep joy…not) and Huel x2 a day has helped settle things - in fact it’s not till the end of the day when I eat a traditional meal that things can go awry.

The happy side benefits to this are the weight loss and the money saved. I’m also starting to feel less hungry between meals and my energy levels are back.

Good luck and keep it up!

I’m definitely not expecting that rate to continue! I was aiming for a 500 calorie deficit to lose 1lb a week :joy: I’m using my fitness pal to log everything.

I have given myself a goal of 2.5 stone lost by Sept next year when I plan to start a nursing degree so it’s not a crash diet for me. The main problem is similar to yours - ibs and hiatus hernia becoming unbearable. Intense pain after every meal and two omeprazole a day only just controlling the indiigestion! The IBS pain is definitely improved (probably because it’s constipation type and Huel definitely sorts that out :joy::joy: tmi sorry!) No change on the indigestion yet but weightloss will help that more than anything else! Also noticing I have a bit more ‘get up and go’ just don’t feel so lethargic. I also seem to be seeing an improvement in my mental health - things don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

2kg is a great loss as well, and more importantly that it’s helping you with the stomach issues!! Well done!! With it being the normal meal that’s causing problems do you think you could/would go ‘full Huel’?


Wow that’s a huge loss! Once you get over any stomach issues, as you said, it’s even better.

Noticed you said you will be starting nursing degree next year, would highly recommend you use Huel when on placement and at uni…wish it had existed when I did my nursing degree as it would have been so convenient! I gained 2 stone weight during, and many other students gained weight too! The intensity, stress, shift work and staff room full of cakes and chocolates can make it so easy to balloon up.

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Know the feeling. I’m retired now but wish Huel had been around when I was nursing, would have been so much more healthy and convenient.

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Thanks Jasmine, that had made me even more determined to stick this out!

I’m 39, mum of two, lowest weight I have ever been was 12 stone 5 (ish) when I was pregnant!

After stopping smoking 8 years ago I piled on the pounds and ended up at 18 stone 1. Went to slimming World and lost 4 stone but after Christmas 1 year just couldn’t get back into it. 3 years later and I’ve crept back up to 16 stone 4. Still a lot less than my heaviest! But I just don’t want to get there again! I want to feel healthier by the time I start the nursing degree and hopefully will be able to keep up with the young ones :joy::joy: haven’t started exercising yet but that is next on the to-do list!

So probably should have put this in my original post but:

Starting weight -

26/09/19 16st 4lb

1st weigh

04/10/19 15st 8lb

I don’t own scales of my own so I’m weighing once a week at my mums. I don’t plan to buy scales either as I’ll just get obsessive over them :joy::joy:


Milk Can’t see me going full Huel because a shared dinner with my wife at the end of the day is sometimes the only thing and time we share together midweek. That said if I was alone I probably would, just out of cost and convenience. I think I’m saving around £50 a week just on lunches at the moment.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile: