1st day using huel

Hi, tonight I have just started my Huel. I am using it for weight loss. I am 38 years old 5ft 7 and currently 11stone 8lbs. I have been exercising 2-3 times a week for the past 3.5 months and have not seen a change in my weight at all. I know it’s not all about the scales but i’ve not noticed a huge difference in my clothes. I’ve put it down to my diet, portion sizes and snacking when I shouldn’t. I also have a very sedentary job, I sit at a desk all day. My aim is to get to 10 stone orthere abouts.

I’m planning on using Huel for breakfast and lunch and a solid food meal in the evening. I’ve worked out I should be consuming I’m hoping it’ll give me a bit more structure and will power to not snack on rubbish. I’ve just had my shake for my dinner and I found it really filling.

Using the calorie calculator I have worked out I should be consuming 1990 calories a day and to lose 1lb a week take off 500 calories, so 1490 a day. So I am planning on having 3 scoops for breakfast, 3 scoops for lunch and healthy meal at night. I’m hoping using this forum will be another incentive to stick to huel to see if I notice a difference.

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You hate burpees :open_mouth:
How is your journey going?

Hey Annie, I’m so sorry your lovely message got missed, thanks to @littleone for bringing it back up :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum. How is everything going? Your plan sounds good so long as you calculations on the calorie calculator are correct - which I’m sure they are!

Let us know if you have any questions at all. We would love to help you out, sorry again for missing this.