Working retail, looking at using Huel to replace breakfast and lunch. Advice?

I currently work in retail and frequently work shifts that make me get home at about 8PM. I’m planning on taking Huel to replace breakfast (which I eat at about 6:30AM), and lunch (which I eat when I can take it, haha retail). I know that eating after 7PM is considered bad for losing weight and general fitness, but for the sake of having a meal every day with my fiancé, that’s something I want to continue doing.

My question is, is Huel likely to help me lose weight? I currently weigh 22 stone, and I’m 6ft tall. I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week for about 40 minutes at a time. I’m losing weight, but find that I struggle to keep it off.

Hi and welcome to Huel!

If Huel can help with you having a regular nutritional intake and you work out your calorie intake to put you in deficit, then you will lose weight with Huel. With regular nutrition, then you may even find you have more energy for the gym = train harder = faster weight loss,

Just my tuppence worth but I find it works for me to eat huel more often. Ie 2 scoops of huel 4 times a day. If I eat a meal (I often have 1 ‘normal’ meal then I drop one or two huels.
I don’t think that made a lot of sense?
Basically I’m trying to say that I’m less hungry and likely to snack or gorge when I eat smaller portions of huel more often.

I am in a similar position in that I get a silly lunch break usually at about 3pm and don’t get my evening meal until quite late.
Luckily I can get off the shop floor for a couple of minutes now and then so I ‘graze’ at my Huel throughout the day - really helps get through a busy day! I also find that it’s stopped me overeating so much in the evenings because I’m not starving when I get in.
One thing I would add is that intermittent fasting first thing in the mornings works well for me in terms of weightloss so I sometimes don’t start my Huel until 11:30 ish.

It kind of depends on your store set up and how happy your manager is with you having sips of Huel throughout working hours.