Huel newbie looking to lose fat (not just weight ;))

So, I had my first Huel meal today since the sample pack a few days back.
I’m easing in as suggested, I replaced my lunch with 3 scoops.

My main thoughts so far are that I like it a lot better with some added flavour, I’m using the vanilla flavour huel, however for my lunch today I added some instant coffee, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My main concern is my lunches, so I may just replace them, although that might change, who knows :slight_smile:

I’m currently pretty heavy, 6ft and 19 stone, and now I’ve hit the wrong side of 35, I’ve set my mind to lose this extra fat.
I tried to go back to running, but find my current weight is too much for my knees to cope with… this has led me to control my diet instead, get some weight off so I can be more active again… hopefully huel will be able to help me.

Anyway… I’m posting this here to introduce myself, mainly because I believe there can be a lot of benefit from being active in an online community.

Looking forward to being active on the forum, hopefully I’ll be able to give back as much as I get from the community.


Welcome from a newbie too! Started with replacing breakfast and lunch and did the same with a shot of coffee.

If like me, you liked baked goods… try the pancakes though I just used 2 scoops vanilla huel, 2 eggs, 1/8 tablespoon baking powder and a banana. Tasted amazing.

Alan and Ben, welcome to the Huel Forum!

Great to hear you are making the shift to a healthier lifestyle, Alan. What you eat is a far more effective way of losing weight, although exercise should not be overlooked. running hurts everyone’s knees eventually, don’t worry. Try some more forgiving exercise like cycling and swimming and body weight exercises or resistance band work.

Huel will definitely help you out. Be sure to assess your calorie requirements and don’t try to cut out to much to soon. You will lose weight rapidly, but it will mostly be water weight and you can regain it. We recommend to reduce calorie consumption by 500kcal per (I.e. if your calorie requirements are 3000kcal, then reduce to 2500kcal).

If you have more questions then let us know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcomes…

Pancakes sound tempting, probably an idea for the weekend.
I’ve been learning all about how this whole fat burning thing works, my housemate is studying to be a personal trainer.

He says the best method for weight loss are low intensity exercise, like walking, where your heart rate doesn’t get very elevated, and high intensity stuff like weight training. Running and similar cardio exercise will lead your body to make you more efficient at those things, which involved less weight, but this isn’t limited to fat, it may also reduce muscle… thus you burn fewer calories at your base rate!

Nearly time for my second Huel lunch :smiley:

Sound dam fine, take it just into a bowl mix it, cook as per normal and bananas on the top?

You really want some cardio in the mix, that’ll really accelerate things.

I get that running is going to be hard though, walking can be just as good for you though and if you’ve got a gym membership then the rowing machine would be fantastic if it doesn’t drive you insane :wink:


Welcome to the forum!! I started Huel not too long ago (maybe 4 weeks?) And it’s been helping with the cravings! I replaced breakfast and lunch - and sometimes dinner when I’m too tired to cook.

If you still feel hungry sometimes, this is normal. Try and eat every 3h (fruit usually works better with me).

As per advice of some Huelers, I started blending my Huel with flavours and leaving it overnight - coffee is my thing too :wink:

One app you can use to keep track of calories is MyFitnessPal - it’s been helping me a lot, especially to control my intake of calories.

Regarding exercise, I mainly walk (as I am too heavy to run right now!) - to keep me somewhat motivated, I bought a pedometer. This way I try and walk more to beat daily records!

Hope this helps you in any way!

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

I know myfitnessPal of old (I’m a veteran of that battle with the fat :)), very handy. I’ve just installed the Under Armour app that should track my steps on my phone and link into mfp, so we’ll see how that goes.

Pretty successful so far, 3 lunches in, yesterday I added some cocoa and frozen cherries to the blender, that came out really nice. I get hungry about 11am and have an apple or similar, that tides me over until lunch about 1, then I find I’m not hungry until dinner time. ~700 calories for dinner leaves me with 200 should I feel the need for a snack in the evening.

Next week I’ll try replacing 2 meals and see how I get on. I’m feeling pretty positive about the whole thing at the moment.

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4 weeks in, 9lb lost so far.

Things are going well, Still only replaced lunch, I’m happy with that while the weight is going.
If my fat loss stalls I might look to replace some more meals, but will see how it goes.



Great going! You’re losing at an idea rate (generally 1-2lbs a week is recommended), so you’re well on track! Don’t worry if you have a week or two where you don’t lose any weight, I had this happen too but I just kept going and started to drop again. You might find it isn’t linear, I did.

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