Hi all!

Hi all new to the forum and Huel. Been trying Huel on and off and failed but determined now and on it for Breakfast and lunch with a normal tea of food such as lasagne and salad etc. Looking to incorporate exercise too soon to aid the weight loss. Started to do it seriously as I’m fed up of eating all the crap for convenience and drinking way too much. Not getting any younger and want to feel healthy in body and mind again so any advice would be greatly recieved as well as other people’s experiences of weightloss using Huel. Thanks guys :grinning:


Hi Tom. Welcome to Huel and to the forum. Lots of info on here, just type ‘weightloss’ into the search box, top right, and up pops plenty of threads on the subject. Good luck and happy reading! :+1:

Hi Bee,

Brilliant, thank you :blush::blush::+1:

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Welcome! As Bee said there’s lots of help in the forum, and the members are really supportive. I’m on week 9 of replacing breakfast and lunch with Huel and having a healthy dinner, it’s going great so far! Good luck!