Time to get serious!

Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking on here for a while and messing about with huel but always finding a reason to drink the wine, eat the cake etc. Im now the heaviest I’ve ever been and would like to lose maybe 4 or 5 stone in total.
According to the calculator I can have between 1229 - 1729 calls per day to lose between 1 and 2 lbs per week.
Here’s my dilemma - next month I open a cafe and restaurant. It’s my first so I’m trying new recipes etc all the time.
My plan was to have huel for breakfast and lunch and then a cal restricted meal at night plus skimmed milk to add to tea through the day BUT I’m having to keep testing recipes and products and that is hard to calculate.
Would I be better maybe skipping the breakfast huel, having the lunch huel, having a healthy dinner and then keeping tasting to as much of a minimum as possible but assume that’s my breakfast huel calls taken up?

Sorry if I’ve gone on or it seems a daft question!

Any advice very gratefully received. Thanks.

Have a great day. x

I wouldn’t say it’s a daft question though it’s certainly a difficult one.

My two pence worth is this. For the month when you are testing recipes aim for the lower end of your chosen intake as that will give you a little wiggle room…

Track your waist line twice a week and adjust your Huel intake accordingly. If your waist stays the same then skip the breakfast Huel, if your waist gets bigger then skip the lunch time Huel too.

Then once the tasting month is complete you can be more disciplined with your intake.

Good luck with the cafe/restaurant

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Can’t you taste your meal like they taste wine…swirl it round and spit it out. :-/

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Thanks for the replies. Sadly, spitting out isn’t really feasible as a lot of the time I am in company and also it’s quite hard to not ingest at all. I’m trialling a lot of tapas, seafood etc so hopefully just having weeny bits won’t be too harsh!
Have a lovely weekend everyone. x

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