What is the best way to lose weight with huel?


I want to start huel for get weight loss but im not sure what is the correct diet for use huel

Anyone have an idea about that?
Thanks a lot

Hi @CyrusRaziel if you type weight loss into the search function, top right, you will find lots of threads on the subject. Happy reading and good luck! :+1:

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There’s no correct diet for Huel, that’s what makes it great. End of the day it’s “just” food - but it makes things like calorie counting far easier since you can measure pretty exact meals.

Most people tend to use it to replace skipped breakfasts and poor quality lunches, so I’d start by looking at which meals don’t work for you nutritionally, and then replace those.


That’s my view too. Spot on.


Lots of folk gradually replace their breakfast and lunch with Huel, especially for week/working days. Consuming a correct amount of calories for you is key. There are some calculators online which help you to guide you towards creating a safe calorie deficit. Generally up to a deficit of 500 calories. There are some very good guides and articles on the site, definitely worth a read while you’re working this through. Slow and steady is always the best for weight loss.