Huel Black for breakfast & lunch, Huel H&S for dinner

Hi, has anyone achieved successful weight loss (male, 17 stone) following a template like this:

B - Huel black x 3 scoops
L - Huel black x 3 scoops
D - Huel Hot & Savoury x 3 scoops

1,800 cals total

Would be curious to know of any success stories doing this, or similar!


Hey there, it seems like you’re planning to go 100% Huel! While it can feel motivating to make a big commitment like this, we really don’t recommend diving in 100% because you will not have the best experience with Huel.

I implore you to read this post I wrote to a Hueligan in a similar position to you who wants to go 100% Huel.

As I say, a much better way is to start with one meal and build yourself up to several meals a day. We recommend still having one traditional meal per day.

About weight loss and how to do it sensibly and safely for long term results, there is a post here

We also have a ton of articles online! This is probably the most thorough!

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Thanks Tim I really appreciate your reply, will start reading those articles today :slight_smile:

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As Tim has mentioned - there is nothing in particular that is special about huel that will aid weight loss (no fat burning additives which are mainly bollocks anyway). However, the ability to accurately know your calorie intake as Huel is easy to measure is very helpful when you are calorie counting.

Use an online calorie TDEE calculator to find out your daily calorie needs then minus 500 calories for -1lbs per week.

Another piece of advice I have is rather than eating 3 scoops each time across 3 meals, try 2 scoops across 4 meals. Eating less but more regularly can help with hunger.


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