75% to 100% Huel

hello, let me introduce myself, I’m Sara, I’m 31, 165cm and weigh 70kg, it’s the highest weight I’ve had to date, and I’m a little impatient so I’m going to start at 75% huel to go to 100%.
I bought my first order with HS for lunch and White Powder for dinner (maybe I should have taken the black edition???) at breakfast I’m going to keep coffee and some toast with tomato and later I’ll replace them with another huel. Can you tell me your experiences or give me a hand? thank you very much huelers!

Heyyy Sara! Welcome to the Forum and to Huel! Which Huel flavours have you gone for?

I understand the want to make some progress fast. You will get so much more benefit if you try and come up with a diet lifestyle which you can maintain for your life - without cutting out all your fave foods and stuff. Try not to see Huel as something you are either ‘on’ or not on.

Hopefully you have already read this

Otherwise I am sure the folks here will be able to share their experiences and top tips, as many of us here have been through very similar stuff!

Yes! I read it and That’s Why I decided to do this:

Breakfast: coffe with milk + toast with Oliverio oil, tomato and some protein
Lunch: HS
Dinner: black edition Banana or Coffe

What do you Think about this?

I want to have a boost at the beginning.

That sounds good.
Sometimes it takes a while to get into Huel so consider planning on skipping some days if it takes your body time to adjust to a new food.
You may also want o consider healthy snacks. I know for me, that tends to be my downfall

I know you want to lose weight but make sure you’re eating enough! Too few calories and you’ll feel tired and hungry, and then it will be hard not to snack on unhealthy things. Maybe put an extra scoop of huel at dinner, or just make sure you have fruit and healthy snacks in the house. You’ll lose weight more in a more steady and consistent way that way. Good luck with it, what flavours did you get?


Hey! Yes you’re right! I have black edition banana Flavor and HS tomato and Herb, Korma and Mexican Chili.
I’m gonna introduce fruits for snacks and almonds or nuts. I Think it’s a good point to start!

Thank you for all your comments.
What flavors do you recommend me?

Black salted caramel is my favourite at the moment. For lunch I’ve been rotating between tomato and herb and Mexican chilli so I think you made good choices there! Tomato and herb is really good with a bit of salt, garlic powder, and ketchup, it’s simple but it’s one of my favourites. I didn’t like korma too much but it wasn’t bad, I’d be interested to know what you think!

Weighing your Huel is a good idea. I never used to and I could be out by 20 grams using the scoops. Usually under so I wasn’t getting as many calories and feeling hungry sooner.
Also always mix up your H&S, I decant my packet into a large plastic tub so it’s easier to mix

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