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What is Huel?
Huel is nutritionally complete human fuel. It contains everything your body needs and nothing more. Read more here - https://huel.com/pages/about-us

Top 10 Tips and Tricks

How much Huel do I need?

  • Huel is supplied as a dry micro fine powder, so you can use as much or as little as you want. There is no serving size.
  • The amount of Huel is completely up to you, it depends on what you want to do. Head here to find out more information - https://uk.huel.com/pages/how-to-use
  • Our serving suggestion: For speed and convenience, simply add Huel to water and shake well in your Huel shaker, or use a blender.

Does 1 scoop = 1 serving?
No, 1 serving is as much as you need it to be. However 400kcal is a good starting point for 1 meal.


Scoops vs. Scales
The best way to measure your Huel is use scales. This way you can be extremely accurate with the amount you are consuming and there is no room for human error.

Can Huel help me gain weight?
Yes you can. Increased caloric intake is essential to weight gain. Huel is perfectly balanced, with more protein too. The beauty of Huel is that this means it can be used as part of a balanced diet (2000-2500kcal per day) or as part of a weight gain program. Calorie surplus is the most important thing when gaining weight and Huel gives you the means to monitor your calorie intake very precisely. All you need to do is consume 500kcal more than you need per day;

Start here: https://huel.com/pages/huel-guide-to-gaining-weight

Can Huel help me lose weight?
Yes it can. Huel can be used as part of fat loss diet, Huel gives you the means to monitor your calorie intake very precisely. Basically you lose fat when you consume less calories than your body uses. As is often said “you can’t out work a bad diet”, so it’s always best to get your diet right first.

To lose 1lb of fat per week you need to consume 500 calories less than you use per day. Huel can help because it’s low in sugar so you won’t get sugar cravings 20 mins after eating it, it’s high in protein which is satiating, and it’s very easy to know exactly how many calories you are consuming.

This is a useful guide on fat loss - http://huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss

Can I add flavour?
You can flavour your Huel with loads of great things. Head here for some great ideas:

How long does my Huel last?

  • Unopened, Huel has a 1 year expiry date
  • Opened, but sealed and kept in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight, Huel has a 6 month expiry
  • Mixed - Once blended we recommend you keep your Huel refrigerated and consume within 24 hours. This is a best before. For information about consuming Huel after 24 hours, see this thread where James Collier RNut has gone into more detail:

What does Huel taste like?
Huel has an oaty and light vanilla taste. It tastes great.

Does Huel fill you up?
Definitely. Huel’s main source of carbohydrates are oats. Oats have a low glycaemic index which means your blood sugar levels stay consistent over a longer time. We also have a high amount of protein (150g per 2000kcal), which creates a satiating effect. Some things you could do to increase satiety would be to make your Huel thicker, or space it out across the day!

You can keep up to date on the glycaemic index of Huel products at the bottom of the page here - https://uk.huel.com/pages/what-is-glycaemic-index-and-load

Can Huel be used for a Diabetes sufferer?
Huel would be suitable for Type 2 Diabetics. It is based on oats and is high in fibre. However, we advise you to consult your doctor or diabetes specialist nurse before using it especially if you’re using medication for your diabetes such as Metformin.

Why sucralose?
Some people don’t like the inclusion of sucralose in our Huel products as it’s an artificial sweetener. We use sucralose for a number of reasons:

  1. it doesn’t add any calories or carbohydrates which means the nutritional value of our products are protected
  2. it’s a much healthier option than many other sweeteners
  3. we only have to use a tiny amount as it’s 600 times sweeter than sugar

We do offer an Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel Powder which doesn’t contain any sucralose. Our Black Edition contains stevia and organic coconut sugar too and no sucralose.

Read more about sucralose in our Guide to Sucralose.

What equipment will I need?
Just your shaker and scoop! But a blender is useful if you want a really smooth texture, head here for some blender advice

Can I consume Huel if I’m breastfeeding?
There are no ingredients in Huel that are contra-indicated for nursing/lactating mothers and Huel should be fine to consume. However, we suggest you discuss this with your doctor or health visitor in case there are any clinically-specific reasons why Huel would not be suitable.

Is Huel organic?
No, Huel isn’t organic. We don’t create an organic version of our products for a couple of reasons. One of them is cost. Organic ingredients are far more expensive, and this doesn’t fit in with our mission to provide universally affordable, nutritionally complete food.

Why do I have a lot of lumps?

Do you do a sample?
No, but our starter bundle is a much better option. The beauty of our starter bundle is that it gives you more opportunity to try out and experiment with different flavours, consistencies and recipes to find your perfect Huel. A one shot sample can lead to problems - if someone mixes it with warm water, or adds it to a glass and mixes it with a fork for example.

There isn’t one perfect way to make Huel, everyone makes it slightly differently and we want to give you the chance to find out your favourite mix!

Is Huel Gluten Free?
We do have a Gluten Free version of Huel - https://huel.com/products/huel-gluten-free
Not all Huel is Gluten Free so make sure you select the correct product.

Is Huel GMO (genetically modified organisms) free?
Yes, Huel is GMO free.

Frequent urination - is this related to Huel?

Can I use Huel with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

Is synthetic B12 (Cyanocobalamin) bad?

Why is it called Huel?
Huel is Human Fuel. See what we did there?

Is Huel suitable for Vegans?
Yes, absolutely. There are no animal products in Huel.

Are the Vitamins and Minerals in Huel absorbed into the body?

Is powdered food a new fad?
The simple answer is no. Humans have be powdering food for over 11,000 years -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quern-stone - some recent evidence believes it could be as long as 30,000 years - http://news.discovery.com/history/archaeology/flour-human-ancestors-neanderthals.htm

Don’t we need to chew to start off digestion?

Does Huel contain banned substances? It is approved by Informed Sport?
Huel Professional is dedicated to people who get routinely drug tested - armed forces, professional athletes and emergency service personnel. Huel Professional is Huel Powder that is batch-tested for banned substances and approved by Informed-Sport.

From a manufacturing point of view, Huel Professional is no different from the other Huel Powder product. All we do is send a sample batch of Huel Powder Vanilla out for testing to confirm it does not contain any banned substances.

Huel doesn’t contain any banned substances and our manufacturer neither handles nor manufactures any products contained on the WADA banned substance list, so any cross-contamination is impossible. But only batches tested by Informed-Sport are considered approved.

Will I lose my teeth if I use Huel?
I don’t think you will lose your teeth by consuming 100% Huel! From an evolutionary perspective it would take thousands of years of everyone using Huel 100%, for this to happen, if it could happen at all. I think humans with teeth would always have an evolutionary advantage.

Can children use Huel?
Huel Products, like any food, are safe for children above 4 years of age to include as part of a balanced, varied diet. Parents of children under 4 years old should consult their doctor or relevant health care professional before allowing their child to consume Huel Products. Huel Products are not suitable for babies or infants below / during weaning age.

What is the pH of Huel?
If you follow the acid-alkaline (pH) diet approach, the pH of Huel is 6.54 making it of ‘neutral’ pH. View the results of our pH reports by clicking here - http://bit.ly/pHReportforHuel

Have any of the ingredients in Huel been treated with sulphites?
None of the ingredients used to produce Huel have been treated with sulphur dioxide or sulphites in any format, nor have sulphites been used in any production process.

Why is Unflavoured Huel higher in calories than Original/New & Improved?
There’s more Huel in 100g of Unflavoured Unsweetened Huel than in 100g of the flavoured versions as these also contain flavourings & sweeteners.


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